A Pocket Guide To The Global Flood — A Book Review by Michael J. Findley

http://www.answersingenesis.org/store/product/global-flood-pocket-guide/?sku=90-3-019 There is a larger book with a similar title, The Global Flood, by Dr. John D. Morris on the same theme, providing essential information on the flood. While both books cover the same information from the same point of view, the larger book is more detailed and more technical. The book A Pocket Guide... Continue Reading →

Principles of Science Teaching

There are only two ways to teach Science: to teach it as a unified subject or divide it into categories. Unified sounds good but can be overwhelming to students. Subatomic particles like electrons don't divide themselves into disciplines according to how they behave. In Physics we study electrons in different ways from observing how they... Continue Reading →

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