Alpha/Beta Readers Wanted for Mapped Out Murders

I am requesting readers and helpers for my first contemporary “how will they catch them” murder mystery, Mapped out Murders, which is also to some extent a police procedural. I have completed a draft of almost 74,000 words and have the basic story, characters, and steps in the process mostly the way I want them.... Continue Reading →

What Did Jesus Do? — Post by Michael J. Findley

Sheldon’s question, “What Would Jesus Do?” has driven some people to attempt great deeds for Christ. It has driven others to do things which can best be described charitably as questionable. Few people invest the time and energy to study what Jesus actually did. When Jesus knew that he had less than a day before... Continue Reading →

How Can I Become A Christian? Part Six: The Romans Road

In the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul lays out some very important and key doctrines for becoming a Christian. Different people take different approaches to the total number of verses, but there are certain doctrines which are considered essential. The book of Romans was written to the most educated people of world. The first... Continue Reading →

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