Viral Video by Jefferson Bethke: “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus.”

Jefferson Bethke, from his Facebook page Jefferson Bethke of Tacoma, WA posted a Youtube video on 1/10/2012 which has 10,886,714 views as of 1/15/2012 which is entitled "Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus." Because of some of the more outlandish comments people posted, he posted this on his facebook page on Friday 1/13/2012 "If... Continue Reading →

Secular Humanism: America’s Establishment of Religion

"Secular Humanism: Religious Mythology" is lettered on my computer bag. So "What is Secular Humanism?" The quick, simple answer is that it is the religion of self-indulgence with no possible consequences for the way we live in any kind of life after death. Beginning somewhere around the Kennedy administration, Secular Humanists learned that if they... Continue Reading →

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