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The Print Books Are Coming! — Post by Mary C. Findley

nonfic 4 hope

We know some people love the smell and feel of paper books, so we are happy to meet that need. Following is a list of Findley Family Video Publications print titles as of 7/31/2015, in alphabetical order. Some are still filtering through from CreateSpace to Amazon and getting connected to the ebook titles.  As soon as that happens, the only titles not available in print are The Acolyte’s Education and Carrie’s Hired Hand, short stories fewer than 50 pages in length. So, if you want print versions of any of our other books, hang on until they are all in place at your favorite online retailer and then snap them up.

historical row 1

1. A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist

2. Antidisestablishmentarianism

3. Benny and the Bank Robber (BBR 1)

4. BBR 1 student study guide

5. BBR 1 teacher study guide

6. Biblical Studies Student Edition NT

7. Biblical Studies Student Edition OT

8. Biblical Studies Teacher Edition NT

9. Biblical Studies Teacher Edition OT

nonfic 3

10. Chasing the Texas Wind

11. Doctor Dad (BBR2)

12. Empire Saga

13. Ephron Son of Zohar

14. Fifty Shades of Faithful

15. Fifty Shades of Faithful 2: In Living Color

16. Heth, Son of Canaan, son of Ham, Son of Noah

17. Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion

contemp nonfic 1

18. Lines in Pleasant Places (BBR 4)

19. Nehemiah, LLC

20. Send a White Rose

21. Shelometh Daughter of Yovov

22. Tawananna, Daughter of Zohar

23. The Baron’s Ring

24. The Conflict of the Ages Student 1 The Scientific History of Origins

25. The Conflict of the Ages Student 2 The Origin of Evil in the World that Was

26. The Conflict of the Ages Student 3 They Deliberately Forgot: The Flood and the Ice Age

27. The Conflict of the Ages Student 4 Ice Age Civilizations

28. The Conflict of the Ages Teacher 1-3 combined

[ The first 3 are not in print separately but in are 1 combined teacher edition]

benny alone

The Conflict of the Ages Teacher 1 The Scientific History of Origins

The Conflict of the Ages Teacher 2 The Origin of Evil in the World that Was

The Conflict of the Ages Teacher 3 They Deliberately Forgot: The Flood and the Ice Age

29. The Conflict of theAges Teacher 4 Ice Age Civilizations

30. The Good , the Bad, and the Ugly A Readers’ and Writers’ Guide for Believers

31. The Great Thirst 1: Prepared

32. The Great Thirst 2: Purified

33. The Great Thirst 3: Pursued

34. The Most Dangerous Game (Alexander Legacy 3)

35. The Oregon Sentinel (BBR 3)

historical row 2

36. The Pinocchio Factor (Alexander Legacy 4)

37. What Are the Results of the Establishment of Secular Humanism? (Serial Anti 4)

38. What Is an Establishment of Religion? Serial Anti 1)

39. What Is Science? (Serial Anti 3)

40. What Is Secular Humanism? (Serial Anti 2)

41. Write for the King of Glory

42. Zita Son of Ephron and Shelometh

nonfic 2

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From The Most Dangerous Game –Notifying the family of Bill’s surgery

new sue dangerous game cover 25

This was not the conversation I had forseen with Jasmine. I thought Bill’s condition might tug at her heartstrings but I didn’t intend to bring up the spirits. The intensity of the conversation was deeply disturbing. I was having a lot of trouble keeping Bill’s airways clear. I thought I would have to take him away and maybe even get help from Van Helsing if he got much worse.
“Did God hurt papa because I was so wicked? Was it my fault?”
That one didn’t take much time to consider. “I don’t think so, little girl. There are plenty of wicked spirits that want to hurt people. Those spirits had nothing to do with you.”
“Why doesn’t God take all the bad spirits away? Then we could be good.”
“Little girl, it’s not what comes from the outside that makes us bad. It’s the choices we make on the inside. We open up the door of our own bad self and the spirits just waltz on in and make themselves at home.”
“John Silver … He tries to be my daddy, but only when he’s away from Fat Fleur Lisel … Why does she take and take and take everything I have?”
“Jasmine …” It was getting so late. Bill was so distraught. “We came down to see you because Papa is going to have an operation in the morning. We think it might help him to at least be able to talk through a machine. But we’re not sure …”
“Not sure of what?”
“Not sure if he’ll come out all right. Not sure … if he’ll wake up.”
“I could look in the quicksilver and see … but I don’t have my bowl …”
“I don’t want you to look in the quicksilver!” I couldn’t stop that flash of anger. “That spirit’s not part of this. God’s spirit will decide what happens to your daddy. He always has. God holds your daddy in the palm of his hand. We have to go. Don’t you be giving those other spirits entrance here, Jasmine. Don’t you do it.”
“All right, mama. I won’t. Can I pray for papa? Will God hear me?”
“Little girl, that’s between you and God. It always has been.”

sue shapeshifter secret


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Jasmine Silver kidnaps Sluefoot Sue — from The Most Dangerous Game

jasmine alone

Jasmine Silver gave me a hand up and I settled the cross-piece of the crutch under my arm. I hadn’t used any sort of crutch in so many years it was an adjustment, to say the least. “Thanks for your kindness.”
“It ain’t kindness!” she squalled. “I expect you two to do your part to man stations. This is a small ship, but it’s not one I can run alone. It was set up to be crewed by automatons but for some reason they are not working.”
I took my first good look around the small, bowl-like vessel and was stunned to see half a dozen smooth bronze bodies standing motionless around the soft-surfaced center. They were kinda built in place, and clearly supposed to be operating solar sails or shoveling coal or any number of things that would keep the ship flying.
“What happened to them?” I asked.
“If I knew, would I be asking for your help? We are far off course. My instruments are frozen or spinning, and the only thing keeping us in the air is the Aether Beastie, but she doesn’t understand much I say. Just come, or go, or eat, or up, or down.”
I risked a look over the side and saw an immense creature beneath the ship. I could mostly see through its bluish-pinkish hide, but its tentacles hung far below us and its multiple crests bobbed us up and down like swells on the ocean. Wherever we were, I couldn’t see any land. No Europe, no British Isles, no nothing.
“How long has the ship been stalled?” I asked, stumping my way to what looked like the main instrument panel and pushing an automaton aside to get a look. I had to ignore the way it rocked and went over ninety degrees, then just stayed that way.
“Almost since I cleared land.” From the look on her face, it plumb galled Jasmine to make that admission. Immediately it crossed my mind that Ollie Twist could have figured out there was an airship in the game and begun to jam the controls. I risked a glance around at the cloudy sky but saw no sign of pursuit. We’d learned a few tricks about stealth ourselves, so that didn’t necessarily mean a rescue wasn’t being attempted.

new sue dangerous game cover 25

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“I Just Fell Down from the Moon!” Cyrano de Bergerac

new sue dangerous game cover 25


“You mean if you like my story, you can let me go free?” Dawkins asked.

“Hardly that. But we can offer you hope that they cannot.”

“Hope of what? A harp and a cloud?” I could hear Dawkin’s spit hit the floor. “Let Ollie be the angel. I don’t plan on dying. There’s still them as promises immortality and I mean to find my way back to them. And when I do that, they won’t want to hear I made nice to you and yours as is out to harry them off the face of the earth. But it’s a good thing they’ve a place to go if that happens.”

“You’re talking in riddles,” Fun See said. “What do you mean, a place to go if they are harried off the earth? Have they airships and a city in the sky?”

Fun’s tone was light-hearted, but Dawkins responded in a way fit to chill anyone’s blood.

“Better than that,” he bragged. “Look up in the sky tonight. It’s a full moon. Maybe you’ll see the flag of the new empire on the surface if it’s clear enough.”

“You are mad,” Fun See scoffed. “Have they an outpost on the moon, then? Did you visit there from the underground city in Algeria?”

“Yeah, I did, since you ask so nicely,” Jack sneered. “You’ll never find out how, so it’s safe to tell you what you’re up against. Maybe you won’t be so smug or so ready to follow. We’ve all been to the moon, and that’s where they’ll take the captives for conditioning, soon enough. You think you’ll just find all the hidey-holes and flush out the operation, do you? Well, try following us to the bosom of Cynthia, why don’t you? I won’t say anything more. Put the muzzle back on the dog. He’s done with doing tricks until he can see there’s a treat for his trouble.”

sue shapeshifter secret


While you’re waiting for this to be finished, Visit Sophronia’s Amazon page and get caught up on the Alexander Legacy series!  http://www.amazon.com/Sophronia-Belle-Lyon/e/B009P8N6NQ

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Meeting the Author — from The Most Dangerous Game by Sophronia Belle Lyon

most dangerous game chalk 25

“I am Edward S. O’Reilly, but you can call me Tex.”
“Well, Tex,” I [Sluefoot Sue] said, “just what is it you think qualifies you to write about Pecos Bill?”
“Why, I know everything about him.”
“Is that so?” [Pecos] Bill asked.
“Huh,” said Bill. “I thought I heard you mention women?”
“You have touched upon the biggest selling point of my books,” O’Reilly cried. “I will whet your appetite with the story of Sluefoot Sue, the woman Bill loved best of all. You will think me the greatest liar on the planet. Bill saw Sluefoot Sue riding down the Rio Grande on a giant catfish. Their eyes met, and it was love at first sight.”
“Well, at least he’s got that right,” I murmured.
“Sluefoot Sue demanded as a wedding present a chance to ride Bill’s stallion Widowmaker. Right after saying ‘I do’, that plucky cowgirl mounted the great black stallion Indian fashion. She bounced up into the sky. Bill tried to lasso her with Shake the Snake, his longest and best-trained reptile, but she continued to bounce until she landed on the moon.”
“Huh,” Bill said. “Say it ain’t so.”
“Why sir, I say it is so!” exclaimed O’Reilly. “You cannot pass up this chance to own a piece of history.”
“How many books do you have there, my good man?”
“I have forty-three left. Will you take more than one, then?”
“I will take them all,” Bill replied. He dug a twenty-dollar gold piece out of his pocket. The fellow began to fumble for change. I held his book box for him.
“Ready, darlin’?” Bill asked.
“I am, honey-bunch.” Bill let out a whistle. I tossed the box into the air. Widowmaker’s heels connected with the box and it burst open in midair.
Bill and I both unlimbered our weapons. Book after book exploded and nary a one touched the ground.
Bill tipped O’Reilly’s dangling jaw shut. “Keep the change, son, to compensate you for the loss of your box.”
“Who — how — why — ?”
“I am Pecos Bill, and this lovely lady is my wife, Sluefoot Sue. Let me suggest that you quit making up nonsense about respectable people.”
“B-but — ”
Bill lassoed O’Reilly with Shake, his bronze mechanical snake-lasso. “There are no buts.”
O’Reilly nodded like a woodpecker on a grub-filled log. I gave out with a whistle. Out of the river rose the Catfish, our steam-powered sub. Its mouth clanked open. O’Reilly fell on his backside into the Texas dust, his jaw pretty much unhinged this time.


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The Alexander Legacy Company Is on the Move — Proposed Cover Designs for All Eight Books! — Post by Mary C. Findley

8 alexander legacy books


Here they are … possible covers for the whole series. If this is the first you’ve heard about it, Sophronia Belle Lyon is Mary’s pen name for this steampunk series. It is inspired by movies like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but seeks to glorify God by using classic literary characters who honor God in their decisions and actions. Each book is narrated by one of the company. Florizel of Bohemia from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Suicide Club stories handles the introductions in the first book, and chronicles the formation of the group. They pursue a mysterious enslaver of souls who wants to overthrow the social order of London and perhaps all the empire.

Book Two is narrated by Oliver Twist of Dickens fame, and takes on questions of regeneration, rebirth, and immortality. Book Three shift narration duties to Sluefoot Sue, wife of American folk hero Pecos Bill. They find themselves on the track of people who delve into the occult and learn the price of seeking ultimate power. Book Four puts Fun See from Louisa May Alcott’s Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom front and Center. Fun pursues a spectral dragon ship while uncovering an ancient civilization of Chinese faithful to the true God, and tries to protect them from the evil master of the dragon ship. Book Five takes Zambo of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World to Algeria on the track of a subterranean empire reaching out tentacles to control many of the enemies the company has already faced.

Book Six takes Edward Ferrars of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility into the underground churches seeking to escape a persecution little known and understood. These people have clues to help the company fight against the looming terror they see forming a devilish alliance across continents. Book Seven shifts to India where Mowgli of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book must help an old comrade protect English and Indian believers and find astounding secrets in an undersea city.

Phoebe Moore-Campbell, the company’s leader and a character from the same Alcott books that Fun See appears in, concludes the series. She has discovered ancient device plans, some by Leonardo da Vinci, that may dovetail with other discoveries made by her comrades around the world. They will need all the steam technology they can command to defeat the one who seeks to be emperor across the globe and fulfil the prophecy made by Kera Mion in the first book — “Some ruler will rise and take the throne of a true empire where the sun never sets, and where the people will never again be free.”

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Why I Write Steampunk … A Part Two of Sorts … Author post by Sophronia Belle Lyon

jeremiah steampunk

We were reading in Jeremiah this morning, and I ran across these verses. It made me think of how we fail the Lord sometimes … Get distracted and fall away from wholehearted service, or become rebellious and stubborn. The Lord invites us to return, and His forgiveness will restore us to “stand before him”, like a servant stands ready to do his master’s bidding.

Then I thought about writing Steampunk, and how man takes good things and twists them, making them evil and vile, or real-life people who corrupt the innocent. Classic themes, characters, and settings become vehicles for sex-peddling, feminist diatribes, exalting the occult, and all the other things Steampunk sometimes does.  But the verses above say God urges us to “take forth the precious from the vile”. He says … *shivers running up and down my spine* … “thou shalt be as my mouth”. I get to speak for God. I get to speak for God!

Listen to what Johannes Keppler says about his studies in Science:

“Now, eighteen months after the first light, three months after the true day, but a very few days after the pure Sun of that most wonderful study began to shine, nothing restrains me; it is my pleasure to taunt mortal men with the candid acknowledgment that I am stealing the golden vessels of the Egyptians to build a tabernacle to my God from them, far, far away from the boundaries of Egypt. If you forgive me, I shall rejoice; if you are enraged with me, I shall bear it. See, I cast the die, and I write the book. Whether it is to be read by the people of the present or of the future makes no difference: let it await its readers for a hundred years, if God Himself has stood ready for six thousand years for one to study Him.”

—Johannes Kepler, Book V, The Harmony of the World

But there’s a strong caution in the Jeremiah passage. I can use Steampunk for His glory, but I have to be careful not to let my hunger to extend my reach — to use this offbeat but popular genre to attract people into the sphere of God’s influence — God says, “let them return unto thee; but return not thou unto them.” It’s the old analogy of the person standing on the chair trying to pull up the person on the floor. I can’t end up on the floor. I can’t get down on the world’s level. I have to bring them up into that “Sun” Keppler talked about. I also have to remember that I’m supposed to be rescuing souls, real, precious lives, not just writing a book about it.

I love that reference to a “fenced brasen wall”, because Steampunk things are often made out of bronze. My characters use bronze tools and weapons for defense and offense against the enemies they face. But in reality it is God who protects and preserves those who “stand before” Him. I need to be clear about that with my characters ,too, that as they face “the hand of the wicked” and “the hand of the terrible”, that they rely on and give glory to God for their deliverance.

sophronia and goggles ad

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