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Interview with Kelly Hagan Author of Haunted by the Past



1. Many people say authors can’t or don’t do well writing more than one genre. You have written a children’s book and a romance suspense book. What do you think prepared you to write these different types of books?
That’s a good question, Mary. My answer would have to be God, and life. As far as my children’s book… I’m a parent and I wanted to share with other children what I do with my own. That is, no matter how old you are, you can have Jesus as your best friend. He loves you and wants to be a part of your life.
For my Christian romance/suspense…God gave me that story, as well as the other’s I’ve written. I think every woman wants a little, all right, maybe a lot of romance in their life. The suspense I think comes with every new day, although I don’t know that I’d want the kind of suspense that Nadia faces!
2. Tell us about things you enjoy.
I enjoy spending time with my family. I also like to listen to different types of music. On Monday’s, and Friday’s I watch a couple of my favorite shows. A little down time is always nice. Of course reading a good book can now be added to my list.
3. Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.
Nadia had a great life, or so she thought. After the unexpected death of her husband she receives a chilling three word letter in the mail. Instead of staying and facing what may come, she decides to move to another town and start over. Unfortunately she didn’t move far enough away and some strange things start to happen.
Of course during all this she meets Trent, whom she starts to have very strong feelings for – much to her surprise.
But the questions remain – will their friendship turn into something more, or will her past put an end to it all?
“Haunted by the Past” is available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions.
4. What’s your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!
I have three books that are kind of “waiting in the wings”. But the one I’m currently focusing more of my time on is Trent ’s Story (that’s not the title, but what I refer to it as, as of right now..lol). Trent , as mentioned above is introduced in “Haunted by the Past”. His story is mainly on his past and how he came to have such a strong, solid relationship with Jesus. I hope to have it out early 2014.
5. Tell us about working with any people that help you create your books. Do you use Beta readers or hire a proofreader? How do you get your covers?
I did use Beta readers. I found their advice and notes very helpful. I will continue to use them in the future. I think they are a valuable asset to any author. I also used an editor, she was very helpful as well. I appreciate and am very thankful for everyone who helped me! For my cover, I picked out the pictures and had someone put it all together for me. I think it turned out very nice.

Amazon reviews:

“Haunted by the Past” drops you right in the middle of a mystery laced with romance, intrigue, and God’s love. At times, filled with heart-pounding suspense, Kelly Hagen takes us on a journey into the horror of Nadia’s world as she faces evil head-on. Enter Trent, a sweetheart hero, who only wants to love her, and a beautiful heart-touching story begins. Short, intense, delightful, and romantic, “Haunted by the Past” will stir your sense of what-ifs. I look forward to reading more from this new author of Christian suspense.
I really enjoyed “Haunted by the Past.” It worked out really well as a novella. The action never dragged, and it was a short and entertaining read. The growing romance between the two main characters is sweetly done. There were enough twists to keep me interested, and the danger was real enough to keep it feeling suspenseful. I look forward to reading more from Kelly Hagen and was pleasantly surprised to read in the last few pages that she actually has another novella planned with at least one of the same characters.

Kelly Hagen
Author of Jake & Jesus

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The Prayer Networks

“Pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

When we first joined Facebook, it was simply to keep in touch with our children in their far-flung adventures (and ours). Eventually we began to make friends there, usually people we knew in “real” life and in some cases hadn’t seen in many years. It was nice to reconnect. Gradually we made other friends, what I call “digital-only” friends. We haven’t actually met them or had any live communication. We are Facebook (or Goodreads, or blog post, or Twitter) friends only.

I had one Facebook friend who for awhile felt a little like a stalker. It was really just that she knew very little about something we were both interested in, writing and publishing, and I knew more, so she asked a lot of questions. In no way did I feel threatened by her, or worried that she would try to kill me if I didn’t get right back to her when she messaged me.

Yesterday I read an article about a couple murdered in their home. When they arrested two suspects, the Sheriff said that these people were killed because they had “unfriended” the daughter of one of the suspects. The other suspect had an “attraction” for the daughter of the man he assisted in committing murder.

The Sheriff said this was not the first time this woman “could not handle it” when she thought she was being ignored or slighted. She had been accused of stalking and harassing another woman who failed to pay attention to her on social networking. Her father said she “lived” on Facebook. It was all she did.

A previous complaint against the woman, who apparently got her father and a wannabe boyfriend to commit murder for the sake of her bruised ego, was made by a woman she stalked online and by phone. The complaint said that the woman being stalked didn’t even know the stalker personally.

Instead of lashing out in anger or stalking people in my social network when I don’t hear from them, or hear from them a little more often than is comfortable, I pray for them. I pray for those who need jobs, those enduring separation from family because of military service, those struggling to get a book published, those with ongoing medical problems, those struggling with disobedient children or unsaved spouses. We have friends who are missionaries, short term or long-term, around the world. We have others having marital problems. We have met people in countries where it’s difficult to get books, to figure out where to buy them from, even online. I even pray for people who don’t believe prayer does any good.

One of those friends recently seemed to be having a very bad time with family and health problems. She cried out on several sites we both belong to, and the answer was almost universally, from whatever site, whoever responded, “We are praying for you. God comfort and help you. Please know that we care.” Nobody was angry with her for pouring her heart out in near-despair. Everyone has problems, but everyone who knows Christ knows that even though we call it a Social Network, we can make it a Prayer Network, anytime, anywhere.

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