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The Next Big Thing — My Work in Progress and Five Blogs you want to visit

Title- The ‘Pprentices, the Puppets, and the Pirate

Here’s an early concept cover


Where did the idea come from? This is the sequel to A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist. It’s book Two in the Alexander Legacy Series. The original idea for this series came from watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. I wanted my own cast of literary crimefighters who were more true to the original characters and who honored Christian character and principles.

Genre: Steampunk Literary Tribute

What actors would play your character in a movie version? I honestly don’t know many current young actors, but There’s an actor named Sebastian Stan who looks as if he might fit the role of Oliver Twist. I don’t know much about him. He’s have to be short, blond, and British.

Image of Sebastian Stan

Short Synopsis — Oliver Twist narrates this tale about the true meaning of rebirth and immortality. Jack Dawkins’ body has been stolen from Jessica Fagin’s mortuary. Strange implants are being used to control people and even sea monsters to attack and discredit the Alexander Legacy Company. Long John Silver’s daughter was killed in the Rooftop Battle at the Bronze Cascade Hotel and he’ll do a lot to get the means to revenge himself on Sluefoot Sue. Professor Moriarty may be the Puppet Master pulling the strings of both Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy, but the Demon of the Desert is also a force to be reckoned with. And Alec d’Uberville lives as a flawed god at the Absinthe Society’s Mansion, kept alive by Doctor Moreau.

Agency Representation — Indie all the way!

How long did it take to write the first draft? Ha! It’s not done yet! I’ve just started this one. I did 50,000 words on this to win the 2012 Nano competition but it’s a bit stalled while other projects go forward.

What other books in the genre compare? I don’t know a lot of specific books in the genre, sadly, but I know Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe have both been given a steampunk turn. My emphasis is on the literary characters, but the gears and gadgets are there, to be certain.

Any other in this genre? This is my second foray into Steampunk Literary Tribute, and I love it and apparently so do the readers.

Who or what inspired this WIP? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and unfinished business with my characters, plus the very contemporary issue of human trafficking and rising criminal activity and violence around the world.

Anything to add? Do drop by Sophronia Belle Lyon’s facebook page for Victorian art, jewelry, Steampunk stuff from other lovers of the genre, and samples from both books as the series goes forward.


And remember you can get A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist, plain and illustrated versions right now.




And, here are five great bloggers you need to visit!

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Cindy Koepp, author of Remnant in the Stars



Debby de Qullettes Alten, publisher with G8 Press



Brad Francis, author of The Book of the Harvest


and Ilil Arbel, author of The Lemon Tree



And thank you to Staci Stallings for getting me into this Next Big Thing Blog Madness!




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An Unbelievable Intersection of Lives

Deep in the Heart

This is the third contemporary romance I have read recently, and the second by a Christian writer. Normally I don’t read this genre because the stories tend to focus on the self-centered “sufferings” of a heroine who doesn’t have any real sufferings. I have been blessed, however, to find two out of three gems in the genre.

You know Maggie Montgomery has seen real trouble from the very beginning. But you also know she’s learned to “pray without ceasing” in the most down to earth sense. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is “The Nanny” with tacked-on Christianity. This is no comedy. Grab your box of tissues and follow Maggie through her stunning discoveries and what people discover about her, themselves, and her God. Who becomes her only real friend? Someone who’s totally off-limits. Who does she teach to pray? Not just the sweet little four-year-old boy she cares for. Whose lives does she change? Almost the entire rest of the cast of the book.

I thought the scenes at church were a little strange. They never met a single church member. Didn’t even shake hands with the pastor or say his name. Some of the sermon illustrations were application rather than strictly correct interpretation, but the points made were easy to understand. The focus was on Maggie’s living faith, and that shined clear. Romantic tension seesaws through everything, but was a little repetitive in the way was portrayed sometimes.

The characters were well-rounded, even the secondary ones. Plenty of internal and external conflicts keep the reader going and guessing. It’s an excellent read with a resolution of so much more than just the impossible romance.

Image of Staci Stallings


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Ever Faithful — Guest Post by Author Staci Stallings

For many years of my life, I wanted to be successful. I put a lot of effort into that endeavor. I worked and worked and worked. If I joined an organization, I had to be president because I wanted the organization to be successful and I wanted to be seen as a success in the organization. Success was my goal.

After I started writing, I turned my success-orientation toward God. I wanted to be a success for Him. Somehow I thought that would prove to Him I was worthy of His love and gain me a place in His kingdom. I wanted Him to love me, and I thought the only way He would love me was if I was a success. Sad how some of us get so mixed up like that.

It took seven years of writing, three years of publishing, and a gentle re-direct from God for me to see how wrong I had been the whole time. As always, I had been working and working and working, trying to get the publishing and marketing to work out. I put an enormous amount of time and effort into that endeavor. Still, things were not pointing toward me being a success. Even when I had successes, they were too small for me to acknowledge, and so I called them failures and resolved to do better.

When I finally woke up to see that what I was doing was not what God required of me—that He didn’t require me to be a success for Him to love me—that was truly a revelation. In a very real way He saved me from me!

Since then, lesson-by-lesson, I have learned to let go of doing it myself and to let Him take over the controls of my life. Not always easy for a control-freak, but by far the easier way to live once you get the hang of it.

The other night in a sermon, God spoke to me in a way that made me smile. The pastor said, “God doesn’t require you to be a success. He only requires that you be faithful.” Well, that’s about as direct a message as you could get.

However, would I have heard those words ten years ago? Probably not, but they sure resonated with me the other night.
The amazing thing is that a friend of mine and I have been talking about this very thing—being faithful. She said, “What I am learning is that God doesn’t even require us to be faithful because our faithfulness is imperfect. God simply wants to show us His faithfulness.”

Wow! Not only do I not have to be a success to gain God’s approval, I don’t even have to be perfectly faithful to gain God’s approval! The more I thought about this, the clearer it became. Over and over and over again, God has shown me, “Staci, even when you fall, even when you’re discouraged, even when you feel like a failure, even when you’re scared, I am here—loving you, cheering you on, giving you Me.”

With that understanding, how then, I ask you, could I ever feel like a failure? How could I ever think I was anything less than a success? And it has nothing at all to do with me. It has nothing to do with my performance, my plans, my control, my abilities, my knowledge, my understanding. It’s all about Him.

His performance, His plans, His control, His abilities. His knowledge, His understanding, His wisdom, His love, His mercy. His faithfulness.

In a very real way, all He asks of me is that I take a step back from me, look to Him, and marvel at His faithfulness. He is ever faithful to me. Not sometimes faithful. Not faithful when it’s easy or convenient. He is EVER faithful!

Just as He is ever loving. And if I let my worth be based not on me but on Him, then I’m already a success.

Isn’t He the coolest?

Copyright Staci Stallings 2006

Staci Stallings, the author of this article, is a Contemporary Christian author and the founder of Grace & Faith Author Connection. Staci has a special surprise for you today and tomorrow only…


Feb. 1& 2, 2012, Staci’s novel

Coming Undone

“If you’ve ever searched for love, been afraid to love, or lost someone you love, you will love Coming Undone.”

The story of two people trying to live life by the world’s rules who find that loving someone only happens when you learn to love without asking what you’re going to get in return. Available as a free download from Amazon today only!


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