Guest Post Nishoni Harvey #2 — a very special course! 🌟 Your instructor, Nishoni Harvey, has authored eight books and now develops aspiring writers into published authors through Authors Aflame. 🌟 She has been teaching English for 13 years with a Bachelors degree in education. 🌟 Now, she wants to teach you how to become an Authority Author to influence and impact the world... Continue Reading →

This Is How to Get Your Book Written and Published! — Guest Post by Nishoni Harvey

Are you ready to write your book? Are you ready to get published? Are you ready to receive the recognition you deserve? Are you ready to get your story out there so you can influence and impact lives? Are you ready to help others in your niche? Are you ready to promote your business by... Continue Reading →

Pronoun, Smashwords, and Draft 2 Digital — The “Other” ebook sales sites

Many authors have uploaded their ebooks onto Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing site to reach readers. Amazon is a great place, and some authors even choose to be exclusive there, in the Kindle Unlimited program, through KDP Select. However, if you choose to distribute your books widely, here are three options for getting them into many... Continue Reading →

Part Three: Your Book, Where It Should Go, How It Will Look

Our e-publishing journey now comes to the formats and how your book will look in each one. Smashwords has great information on this topic from a mechanics standpoint. As a previous post we made on the subject said, , although almost all devices can read the pdf format, consider that people might get your books on... Continue Reading →

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