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Another Next Big Thing: Shout-Outs to Fine Bloggers and Author Services

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I got myself into a blog hop again. But I got myself out of it, too, very cleverly, I think. Amy Berry Magaw, a lovely pastor’s wife, has a blog you can find here: www.vcpbooks.blogspot.com . The deal is that she tags me, and I give her a shout-out and thank you (thank you, Amy) and then tag five other bloggers who will keep spreading the word about great books, great writing, or whatever they blog about. But I could not find five bloggers willing to be tagged. So, I planned to just mention a few blogger friends, some of whose blogs I really enjoy. There’s Reader’s Realm http://readersrealm1.wordpress.com/ and Sheila Hollingshead’s Rise, Shine, and Write! http://www.sheilahollinghead.com/2012/03/readers-realm.html, Brad Francis, at http://christfictionandvideogames.blogspot.com/ , and I can’t forget one of my favorites, Debby de Quillettes Alten’s The Watchers: All Eyes Are on Him, at http://gtargirls.blogspot.com/, her blog is just plain beautiful and she posts flash fiction and cool stuff. I am not doing this to stress out these bloggers. I do not expect them to go hopping mad with me. Just want you to know they are out there. Check them out.

Now, I also read an article by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, a free upload site where you can sell ebooks and get them distributed to major ebook sites like iTunes, B&N, Sony, Kobo, and others. Love him or hate him, Coker gives away all his services for just a small cut of the proceeds authors get from having their ebooks “out there.”

Coker made a number of predictions for the new year and I especially liked one of them. He said Author Services for Indie writers are going to be BIG in 2013. That sounds good to me, because I offer some author services, and so do some good cyber-world friends of mine. Here you go, aspiring authors. Gear up to be great in 2013.

This is a listing of several kinds of services, folks who will do a good job for authors, Christian and non-Christian. You will find that some artists do custom and ready-made covers, and offer other services like book trailers, business cards, posters and other artistic services. Other services include ebook formatting, proofing, editing and marketing. Some folks offer a variety of services. Contact them if you think they can help you.


Taria Reed
Book Covers
Trailer Links
Business Cards
Marketing Poster

Karen’s Koncepts

Karen Arnpriester

AQ Cover wTEXT

Karen Arnpriester
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP5QrISKUx8 Raider’s Vendetta Book Trailer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUKRE_B9YFo Anessia’s Quest Trailer

Nathan Strong



ebook Formatting, plus, The services I provide are not set in stone, but a basic list would include: eBook conversion, eBook editing, cover design, graphic design, and light web design. However, I am happy to consider requests that are not in the list.
Rik Hall
Donna Goodrich
typing, proofreading, and editing. Check out my web site for more

“A Step in the Write Direction–the Complete How-to Guide for Christian Writers”

PublishSavvy is the place where you can get published, learn how to navigate the publishing industry, and find success in e-books or print, or both. We offer manuscript and book editing, proofreading, book development, marketing services, blog tours, ebook formatting, and distribution. Ask about our free 5-page evaluation of your work, and our New Years marketing special! www.publishsavvy.com

Joe Perrone Jr.
I offer book editing, formatting (Ebook and paperback), cover design, advertising campaigns with Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing; rates are very reasonable. Anyone interested can contact me at  Joetheauthor@joeperronejr.com I’ll gladly supply references, too.

Pastor George McVey 

Audiobook Narrator. 100.00 a finished hour or with acx I will do a 50/50 royalty split. Email is pastor.george.mcvey@gmail.com my acx page is https://www.acx.com/narrator?p=A2AMDAV1MHTUMR

Whew. Then there’s me, Mary C. Findley. I offer book cover design and illustrating starting at $25 for ebooks up to $150 for full cover packages. I also do proofreading at $10 per 10,000 words . Contact me here at this blog. Check out my covers on our Findley Family Video page.



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