Fifty Shades of Faithful 2: In Living Color — New Release!

Praise for Fifty Shades of Faithful from Amazon reviewers The author sincerely thanks all these wonderful reviewers and hopes that other readers will take the time to post an honest review! “Hang on to your Bibles and your sense of humor, but check your inhibitions at the door.” “Interesting novel. Unusual for Christian fiction.” “I'm... Continue Reading →

New Release: Fifty Shades of Faithful — Post by Mary C. Findley

No, I've never published contemporary fiction before. Yes, I have been writing it, off and on, for years. Other things seemed more important. But I happened to show a Counselor-in-training friend a short story I wrote over 20 years ago called, "Cowboys and Indians". She was thrilled with the ideas in the story, about threats... Continue Reading →

Review of The Mummy Returns

Objectionable elements: 1. Veneration of false gods and magic spells related to the false religion. 2. Promotion of reincarnation as true. 3. Violence, including the mummy sucking the life out of people. 3. Cursing in English and probably in foreign languages. Scantily-clad women, including a lengthy "chick fight" in bikinis. 4. The "Medji," Arabs fighting... Continue Reading →

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