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12 Days of Christmas: Authors want to meet readers and give you stuff!

Don’t let Christmas shopping get you down! You don’t have to get out of those fuzzy slippers to find great books and get to know great authors waiting to meet you!


Please join us starting Monday December 10th and continuing through December 21st. Every day you can see what authors are up to. You could win a $250 gift card or one of two Kindles, not to mention authors will be having their own giveaways.

You’ll find Christian fiction and maybe even devotionals or nonfiction to warm your heart and draw you closer to the reason for the season. Romances will flourish, adventures will thrill you, and clean and wholesome stories will charm away the stress and give you a few less presents to worry about.

Join our facebook group here to be ready for Monday’s festivities.


Enjoy, like, and share this video made by Samantha Fury

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Will you be my Valentine? I mean Free Reader?


Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day lover or hater, we hope you’re a free book lover! There are lots to choose from, including nine from Findley Family Video Publications. Come pay a visit to our facebook event page and see all the free books! Some are free only certain days so be sure to check throughout the three day event!


Or come straight to the Christian Women Writers’ website to see what’s there! Whoa! A free Kindle giveaway!






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Free, reduced, and new release books for Christmas — Post by Mary C. Findley

Merry Christmas 
Christian Indie Authors Network
Did you get a new kindle or maybe your old one has room for more e-books? Well, check out these great offers from our Christian Indie Authors. We have free books. books that are on sale, and a new releases. Not all books are free the same days so please check the dates. Free Books are clearly marked so enjoy.

Our Authors at CIAN want to wish you a
Merry Christmas and invite you to  check out our 2015 Readers Author
Conference, more details can be found here but for now feel free to check out these great deals and Merry Christmas.

11 Free Books 
8 books on Sale 
3 New Release
Click on Book Title or lower part of image for link!

Free on Amazon FREE 24 — 26 


FREE 24 — 26 
Christian Mystery Romance
Book ONE Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy Charlie’s Angel!!!

Free On Amazon 23 & 24

 Free on 23rd and 24th






 Free On Amazon PG-13 Free 24 -25


Surprise Engagement (California Love Trilogy Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

Samantha Lovern




Free on Amazon all the time






Free on Amazon all the time

Historical adventure for readers to grow up with. Benny and the Bank
Robber is free, and all other books in the series are 99 cents! Message:
Check out Benny’s perfect plan for Christmas in Book 2, Doctor Dad!
http://amzn.to/13IFdaB (this is the link for the series page.)
300 pages



Free on Amazon FREE 12/24 – 12/28


Christian Romance
FREE 12/24 – 12/28
Message: A twist on the Scrooge tale with some neat romance thrown in!
319 pages








FREE On SMASHWORDs all the time

Times of Turmoil: Christian End Times Thriller (Book 1)Series: The End Times Saga  By Cliff Ball   The Evans family make it their mission to
destroy Christian influence in the United States through wars, protests,
and government tyranny in this first novel of seven in The End Times
Christian thriller, Times of Turmoil, the first novel of seven in the series The End Times Saga, is free on Smashwords: 

Free on Amazon FREE 12/24, 12/25, & 12/26


FREE 12/24, 12/25, & 12/26 An
old-fashioned romance set in the Cades Cove area of



Free On Amazon FREE All The Time



Free On Amazon 12- 22 — 12-26






Free On Amazon Free 23 to 26






On Sale On Amazon Always .99




On Sale On Amazon12/23 -12/30 reg 2.99 on sale .99

On Sale On Amazon Dec 24 thru 26th




On Sale On Amazon .99 thru Jan 1


On Sale On Amazon .99 cents until Jan 1


Sale  .99 cents until Jan 1st



On Sale On Amazon .99 Dec 26 


$.99 from the 26th – 29







On Sale On Amazon PG-13 Rating Sale ends Dec 31






On Sale On Amazon .99 On sale to Jan 1


New Release On Amazon 




New Release On Amazon .99 thru Dec 26th



New Release on Amazon

If you’re a Christian Author and want to learn more about our groups go HERE!

If you’re a Reader and you want to join our Readers group join HERE!

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KDP Select Versus EReader News Today — Post by Mary C. Findley


images (2)

This is a very informal and unprofessional comparison of Amazon’s KDP Select and the bargain book placement on Ereader News Today.  

I published an ebook In October of 2012 called A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist. My first problem was how to categorize it. It is fiction, and is a decidedly Christian book. It also features characters from classic authors like Dickens, Alcott, Kipling, and others. So I call it a Literary Tribute, but it also falls into a category that is unusual for Christian books. That category is Steampunk. At the time, Amazon didn’t have a Steampunk category, so I put it down as sci fi and Christian adventure, basically. I also enrolled it in Amazon’s KDP Select program.

That means I got 5 days to promote it free, plus I also produced an illustrated version of the same book and offered that free as well. So I had 10 free days between the two books during about 105 days (I put the illustrated version out about 2 weeks after the plain version.)

On the free days, I got a total of about 1500 downloads of the book. I also now have 17 reviews. I have been told the main reason for doing free days is to get reviews but most have come quite a long time after the books were free. I know that people load free books onto their Kindles and forget about them. I do that too. But I still was a bit disappointed in the results for having the books in the KDP select program. Blame it on the genre or whatever circumstances, but I elected not to continue in Select and submitted them to Smashwords for distrbution as soon as the 90 day periods were up.

Since that experiment I have put the plain version on sale for 99 cents a couple of times, and it has sold an average of 4-5 a month. Since it is in a fairly niche category (Steampunk is now an option, and it was still under Christian Adventure, it would show up in the top 100 for its category about every other month. I thought that was pretty good, considering a lot of the time, when I tell people, “I am writing a Steampunk series,” they say, “What’s Steampunk?”

I had been hearing for some time that people were getting their books placed on Ereader News Today, or ENT. That’s a site that has a very large following of people looking for free or 99 cent books. They invite authors to submit books for possible listing. As soon as I had 10 reviews averaging 4-5 stars (that’s a requirement) I started submitting the book to the site requesting to be listed.

Author friends all around me seemed to be getting theirs listed without too much delay, and they got some great results. But three email requests and about 8 months later, I was still waiting. I had been submitting the book as SciFi, and that seemed not to be working, so I tried Christian Fiction, and that finally worked. So I had my day on the site February 11 of this year.

Just before the book went up on the site, I changed a category to try to capitalize on the book’s inspirational character. But imagine my surprise when it started to show up in the top 100 of the category Metaphysics and Visionary. Wow. Where did that come from? Here’s an image of stats fairly late in the day. I missed the one where it pushed into the top 4500 in the store.

dodge 1 1 and 4 in scifi categories

It got up to #1 in two Science Fiction rankings, and #3 in that Metaphysical category. Today, two days later, it’s still on three top 100 rankings, though it’s slipping a bit, but I’m still pleased.

Some of my author friends said when their book was on the site they got 300 or more sales, and continued in the hundreds afterward for at least a few days. Now it’s time for a reality check. My sales for the month of February for that book  total, if Amazon is up to date, 54. So it was a failure, you ask? I don’t think so. As I said, it’s a very niche genre. I’m waiting to see if there is review fallout over those odd category rankings. At one point it was about #7 in the top 100 of a nonfiction inspirational category. Oops. It’s not nonfiction. From selling at most 5 a month, I have gone to selling over 50 a month. 10 times the sales. So it seems to me that that’s at least respectable. And it’s continuing to sell, when it hadn’t been at all for the last couple of months. Visibility on the ENT site and high rankings on Amazon seem to have done it some good. This is an image from this afternoon, two days and a bit later.

dodge 2 13 2014 rankings

If your book is priced at 99 cents, Ereader News will bill you 25% of copies sold on the day it’s featured. Amazon charges you more than that just to sell it on their site anytime. When your book is free under the KDP program, you have to go around to the hundred or so sites that promote free books and notify them yourself. All Ereader News today asks is that you share and tweet their site link for your book, and that you like, and ask others to like, the post on their facebook page. It’s certainly a lot less work, and you are still getting some money for the book, rather than the nothing you get on KDP Select free days.

So how did I feel about getting to number 1 in Steampunk, and about 4500 in the whole Kindle store with a book that is about as far from Contemporary Romance (the easiest genre to get people to buy) as you can get? Giddy. Excited. Happy.

But more importantly, I hope we extended our reach. That’s what we really hope to do with all our books. More than fifty people now own one of our books who didn’t before. We even sold a couple of print copies, and we almost never sell any of those.

In the back of that book are small samples of all our books, and a link to our blog. They can read more about us, and understand our purpose, which is “speaking the truth in love.”

We want to reach more people with the message of the authority of God’s Word, and our “tough but you need it” perspectives on education, current events, and biblical teaching. We want them to know that we have books for almost everybody’s taste — historical fiction, sci-fi, homeschool curriculum, issues nonfiction, illustrated. There’s a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and books for all ages.

I don’t feel like I did the work in this endeavor. I wrote the book, but that was a year and a half ago. I didn’t exhaust myself submitting to a ton of sites (KDP), spend a ton of money (most paid advertising), or obsessively check my sales and stats all day. (Well, maybe I did do those last two.) I was happy when I shared the stats and people said they were going to check out the book. I hope people like my book and I get good reviews.

Most of all, I hope this lets us have a little bigger opportunity to reach people with a message I think is very needed. God loves the unlovely. God can save anybody. Evil doesn’t have to overcome good. People can come from all kinds of backgrounds. Orphans on the streets, servants, princes, cowgirls, merchants, jungle trackers — those are the kinds of people who came together in A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist to form the Alexander Legacy Company. And God started a great work through them to try to free slaves and overcome slavers. Here’s hoping this is also just the beginning of Findley Family Video’s work to bring a message that God frees people from sin, all kinds of people, and that we don’t have to lose the fight for our country, for our freedom, and for men’s souls.

Don’t forget, the CIA Blog Hop “Love Is … ” is still going on. You can comment and receive a copy of Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion here on our blog. Or you can win a bunch of books by good authors over there. Hop, hop, hop!



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Free Books Between Now and Christmas. Check the Dates and Enjoy!

free books

A bunch of authors who love readers just like we do got together and said, “What if we give presents of free books between now and Christmas?” Check the dates, but enjoy yourself with these books from Christian authors — fiction and nonfiction, SciFi, Fantasy, Contemporary, and Historical, new releases and some  “older” releases you might have missed. Enjoy!

FREE Dec. 24 – 25 MAID FOR MURDER: Deadly Business http://ow.ly/g9frP
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 & Dec. 24 – 25 ACCIDENTAL MEETING http://ow.ly/fR7ft
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 FALLING IN LOVE http://ow.ly/fR717
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 ON MY OWN http://ow.ly/fR7GGmiddle grade fiction
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 HELL’S CHRISTMAS http://ow.ly/g9htV
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 CRY FOR THE MOON http://ow.ly/g9gQC
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 UNCLOUDED DAY http://ow.ly/gbmy7 Coupon Code: QU39K
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 TYCHO http://ow.ly/gbmwW Coupon Code: AL44G
FREE Dec. 21 – 23 The 15th Star http://ow.ly/g9iwo
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 TIMES OF TROUBLE http://ow.ly/gbmvG Coupon Code: EU28Q
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 TRUSTING GOD WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN http://ow.ly/gbmto Coupon Code: HB95F
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 LYCENTIA: Harrak’s Scrolls http://ow.ly/g9ib5
FREE Dec. 24 – 25 Nadia’s Hope http://ow.ly/gbiEC
FREE Dec. 21 – 23 Grace for the Char-Baked http://ow.ly/gbiLm
FREE Dec. 24 – 25 Guitar String Logic http://ow.ly/gbmuE
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 CHASING THE TEXAS WIND http://ow.ly/gbmsa Coupon Code: TH56W
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM http://ow.ly/gbmob Coupon Code: EY42F
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 NEHEMIAH, LLC http://ow.ly/gbmmZCoupon Code: LX33P
FREE Dec. 21 – 25 BABEL http://ow.ly/gbmlN Coupon Code: CG74G

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