Pronoun, Smashwords, and Draft 2 Digital — The “Other” ebook sales sites

Many authors have uploaded their ebooks onto Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing site to reach readers. Amazon is a great place, and some authors even choose to be exclusive there, in the Kindle Unlimited program, through KDP Select. However, if you choose to distribute your books widely, here are three options for getting them into many... Continue Reading →

What Is BookBub and Why Would You Care that We’re There?

BookBub is a site where people can find books -- deals, sales, freebies -- ebooks, specifically. Authors can place ads there and sometimes get a whole lot of sales. The ads can be expensive, but most people say they are worth it. Recently, however, BookBub has introduced some free options for authors to get noticed.... Continue Reading →

From The Great Thirst Part Six — Eva takes Keith and Talia to meet her son Angel

“You’ve made your point,” Drew said to his wife. “Obviously I haven’t,” Anne snapped. “She’s risking your two biggest assets in this mission on lunch with a drug cartel insider. Instead of being able to at least admit that, she tries to makes this about me!” Drew looked from Eva to Anne and then risked... Continue Reading →

The Hittite Series — Post by Michael J. Findley

The book of Genesis, post-flood to the death of Joseph, is the ice age. Michael Oard has done extensive work demonstrating that there was a single ice age immediately after the flood lasting about seven hundred years. For an introduction to this concept, the book Frozen In Time is available without charge as a series... Continue Reading →

Premade Cover Sale! — Guest post by Jen Gentry

Some of the most talented cover designers I have the privilege to know have come together for a great cause. They have donated several glorious pre-made book covers to help create scholarship money to assist aspiring indie authors to attend the upcoming Christian Indie Authors Conference. This is an excellent opportunity for Indie Authors to... Continue Reading →

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