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Step by Step and — Published!

I recently made a list of the steps involved for publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing site. This was for a new author whose cover I designed and whose book I edited. I thought it might be helpful to others who don’t know it’s actually not that hard to publish your own book.

Pictured above is Send a White Rose, the one I think is my first book published. (It’s a tossup between this and Benny and the Bank Robber.) Helping this new author made me think back to my first time setting up our KDP account. If we can do it, you can too!

Remember, this author had her book professionally edited and formatted, and a professionally-designed cover. So don’t skip the outsourcing to make your baby the best, if you’re not a very good do-it-yourselfer. But to keep track of your sales and make updates to your book, you need your own Amazon KDP account. So here’s how to do that.

List of steps to upload your book to Kindle Direct Publishing

1. Copy and paste this link into your internet browser window and hit enter to go to the site:
2. If you already have an account at Amazon, you use the same user name and password to set up your author account. If not, set up an account by choosing a user name and a password. Be sure to write them down somewhere so you don’t lose access.
3. Once you are in the KDP account, you will see your “dashboard.” This is a screenshot of what the top looks like. Yours may be slightly different, since it will be a first-time publishing, and we have over 50 titles.
kdp dashboard screenshot 1
4. Click on the box that says, “Create New Title.”
5. Look at the screenshot below to see the beginning steps for uploading your book.

kdp select screenshot 2
The blue shaded box describes the KDP Select program. There are also lots of helps every step of the way and answers to most questions. If you wish, click the little box that says, “Enroll this Book in KDP Select.” There’s lots of information to be found about using KDP select during the 90 days a book is in the program so take advantage of as many of the features as you can!

6. Now you can start entering your book information and getting ready to upload it.
The first section tells you how to enter your title, author, and so on. If something does not apply, just skip it. (like the “series” part). If the publisher is the same as the author – just put in your name. The description is just that – about 300 words that will make people want to read your book, sort of a sales pitch that doesn’t give away too much but helps “sell” the book. If your book is a short work or novella, be sure to include that fact. People are sometimes disappointed by shorter works and you want to make it as clear as you can if it is not a full-length novel.


7. It’s okay if you have no ISBN for a Kindle book. You don’t really need one. Just skip that.
8. Here’s a screenshot of the next part of the form:
screenshot 3 kindle publish options
9. Click “this is not a public domain work” – because you wrote it.
10. “Add categories” will give you choices about how to tell people what kind of story it is. You’ll want to choose “fiction,” or “nonfiction” and then you will see a menu of sub-choices. Then you can add a second category.  You can skip the age range and grade range parts unless it applies.
11. “Search keywords” are words that computers read and store about your book, and that people can use to look up books by subject. Separate each search keyword with a comma. These can be more than one word, and there is a limit on total number of characters, but be as detailed as you can to help your book get found.
12. Next you’ll select “I am ready to release my book now.” Pre-order is something where people can buy the book before publication, usually at a discount. If you had other books that might be a good idea but since this is your first, I’d say wait for the future to do a pre-order.
13. Upload your full-sized cover. I give quarter-sized samples for approval before the final purchase, and some new authors get confused and try the small version. Amazon won’t take anything under 1000 pixels on the smallest side. Click “browse for image” find the cover file, click “open” and the cover will appear in the box that currently says “No Cover Available.”
14. Upload the book file – it can be word doc, mobi version, or even epub.
15. I suggest you choose “Do not enable digital rights management” because DRM can make it hard for some people to open or read your book, and they can’t move it from computer to kindle to phone – they can only have it on one device.
kdp screenshot next
16. Click “Save and continue” at the bottom of the first page to go on to the second page.
17. On page 2, select “Worldwide rights.”
18. I suggest you price very short works at 99 cents. That’s the lowest price KDP allows. As a first-time author, it can help you get noticed to price low. You may also get Amazon promotion in short stories and hot new release categories. Enter the price as 0.99. If it’s full-length, $2.99 or $3.99 still seem to be the best prices. You might even entroduce it at a sale price and raise it later.
19. The royalty for 99 cents is 35%. A book has to be at least $2.99 to qualify for 70% royalties. Check the little boxes beside each country in the blue shaded box area to be sure your book goes to all countries Amazon publishes in.

screenshot KDP publishing page 2
20. “Kindle Match Book” refers to having both a print and ebook version. You only have the kindle version, so ignore that one.
21. Allow lending means once people buy your book, they can let a friend “borrow” it for free. You want to check the box to allow it. Word of mouth is good publicity and letting people share your book means more people will read it. The borrow only lasts for 2 weeks and then the person who got it for free no longer has it on his/her kindle and the owner gets it back.
22. Click the little checkbox in the “save and publish” section first, so they know you understand all the KDP info, and then click the yellow “Save and publish” box to the right, also.

23. It can take 12 to 24 hours for your book to appear but usually it’s sooner. They will send you an email to the address you gave them when you set up your KDP account. IT will have a link where you can find your book.

24. To set up your account to get paid when people buy your book, click on the top right of the screen, in the blue band, where it will say, in your case, “Joan’s Account.” You will have to log in again, and it will take you to a page like this:

account screenshot

Yours will be blank, of course. Fill out your information. There are lots of helps along the right side to answer questions all through this process.
25. Next enter your bank account information. KDP pays royalties, no matter how small, about 60 days after the month in which you earned them.

bank account snip
This may seem difficult, but take your time and follow the steps and you’ll figure it out. Wherever you are in the publishing process, you can look for other posts here on our blog for suggestions about writing, editing, formatting, cover design, and promoting to get help making your book sell.

I wish you all the best! — Post by Mary C. Findley



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Findley Family Video Publications Sampler One: Historical Fiction

sampler 1 historical

Have you ever wanted to dip into our fourteen historical fiction books but couldn’t decide which is right for you? Now you can “taste and see” anything from Ice Age times to the New Mexico territory. Some have romance, some have political intrigue, all have life and death struggles for what’s right. Sample chapters from all our historical fiction works, free, here on our blog!

Sneak a peek at historical fiction chapters spanning time from the Ice Age to the American frontier. 1. Even after he rescues a damsel in distress, Prince Tristan hasn’t quite arrived at happily ever after.  2. Widowed by the Civil War, northerner Carrie Wilkes needs to save her southern farm, but has she invited a traitor in as a hired man? 3. New Mexico territorial judge Bart Durant can’t face both an assassin and a mail order mistake. 4. A marriage of convenience might painfully distract Ham Jessup, or give him just the information he needs to save Texas. 5-9. Meet the builder who met Abraham, the dragonslayer who sat while Sargon attacked, the warrior with a secret weapon and weakness, the rebellious wife who became an advocate for women, and the peacemaker who wonders how much it will cost him to save the Hittite Empire. 10. Seventeen-year-old Hope rebels against an arranged marriage in Medieval England but must trust a disgraced crusader when her family disappears and everyone thinks she’s mad. 11-14. Benny Richardson works his way west through loss, hardship, and mysteries that sometimes include murder as he fights for his family, his friends, and his future.

Please enjoy this free sampler by downloading the pdf file to your computer. You may put it on any reader device and share with friends. — post by Mary C. Findley

Findley Family Video Publications Historical fiction Sampler pdf format


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A Children’s Book I Illustrated — Archibald and the Fiery Furnace — now 99 cents!

archibald ad

A couple of years ago I took the plunge into children’s book illustrating and here is my first effort. This is a fantasy frame tale for children involves a “runt of the litter” kitty named Archibald who helps teach lessons of loyalty and the search for belonging. He travels through Bible history seeking his “forever home,” meeting true heroes of the faith. This first one is about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. You’ve never heard the fiery furnace from a cat’s point of view, have you?

boy fish archie yuck 25

Archie is an odd cat who hates fish, but children will enjoy searching through the story for a hidden fish on each page. The book includes full-color illustrations and at the end there are devotional lessons that make for great snuggle-time teaching moments for anyone who loves teaching kids the Word of God.

neb and cat jewels

Archie visits the throne room of Nebuchadnezzar but even a cat who has experienced the special love and care of God can’t seem to save his new friends from this king’s wrath.


archie and angels 25

Maybe the angels who sang Archie to sleep as a kitten will charge in to the rescue?


not afraid

Things certainly don’t look good for his friends, and there’s nothing Archie can do but pray!

Archibald and the fiery Furnace is only 99 cents right now, so come to Christian Book Finds and have a look! http://christianfictionebooks.blogspot.com/

archie baby golden light tree bird

Enjoy the story of Archibald the abandoned kitty’s journey into a better understanding of God and how He works through His Word. — post by Mary C. Findley


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Who Am I Thankful For? You, You, and You! — Post by Mary C. Findley

thanks hop image

Hi! I’ll just say this out loud. I agreed to participate in this author Thanksgiving blog hop, and then forgot all about it. But, it just so happens, that I have things I am thankful for, or, rather, people, so I am very glad I did remember, and I do have this opportunity to share just who I am thankful for. I’ll give my thanks in reverse order, from least to greatest. Do not think that least means unimportant or anything like that. I am so very thankful for everyone on this list. I truly am. God bless my thankful list inhabitants. They have blessed me.

1. I am thankful for author friends. Just click that picture at the top of this post and you will see just a few of my author friends, and their books, and you will be thankful for them too. All of them write from a heart of service to God. Pray for Christian authors as you read their books, and ask God to keep us focused and able to write for Him.

“My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.”  Psalm 45:1

2. I am thankful for my loved ones. That’s my family and friends, the ones I especially praise God for (Hubby and daughter, you know who you are) and the ones I am privileged to pray for which is everybody. So I praise God for them, too. Because the privilege of praying for others in unparallelled. God wakes me up at night and says, “pray for somebody.” He doesn’t even always tell me who. But often it ends up being family, or friends who have troubles. I am also thankful for the followers of this blog, and faithful readers and sharers. Thank God! Thank God! You are over two thousand strong, so thank you, too.

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:3-4

3. I am thankful beyond measure for the God who has made Himself known to me, pursued me, and brought me to Himself. So thankful.


I’d like to share a book of mine, A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist, and I will give away a free copy of the illustrated ebook version to anyone who comments about what they are thankful for. Read about it by clicking the image below.

dodge illustrated 25

As an aside, I’m thankful for food at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I am not very well domesticated, but I do love making Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and especially baking homemade from scratch rolls. My Dodge book has a recipe in it that I kind of invented, and I’d like to share. I have made these a few times but so far they’ve been too messy to take pictures of. They are delicious, though. You are welcome to try them. I promise Uncle Vanya will not come after you if they aren’t pretty.

bread ball recipe

Here’s a bigger version of Uncle Vanya’s Bread Balls, if you have trouble reading this one:



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from Empire Saga: City on a Hill by Michael Findley

resized empire

“What?” laughed another man listening to them. “Spend money on the moon colony? Cut into their profits? Come on!”

“I’d rather have them raise our pay, anyway,” The small man grabbed another carton and shoved it into place. “But I can’t see them doing that, either.”

“They just might change their minds if enough of us complained,” said Joe. “We’re just taking it. We gotta do something to get their attention.”

“This is Shuttle Three,” came a voice over the console radio, “requesting landing clearance.” No one noticed.

“Com Center, this is Shuttle Three,” said the radio again. “I repeat, request landing clearance.”

“Hey, is there a shuttle out?”

“Huh?” grunted the pale-haired fellow who had commented about clean rooms. He wandered over to the console. “None of the pilots are logged out.” He flicked a switch. “Well? Who is this?”

“Like I said before,” said the voice. “I’m trying to land Shuttle Three. I didn’t put a whole lot of fuel in it. Can we make it soon?”

“But who is this?” demanded the radio operator.

“Jon Newton. Excuse me. Newton, Jonathan A., employee number 63451. I was assigned to repair Shuttle Three. Repairs being completed, I took it for a test flight. Request permission to land this D-20 infraction shuttle. By the way, who are you? Isn’t there supposed to be a real radio operator on duty?”

“I am the operator for this shift,” snapped the man. “Sam Aleti. Newton, you don’t have pilot’s rating. What are you doing flying a shuttle?” Newton and Aleti’s argument had gotten louder. Most conversations in Com Center ended as eyes wandered to the monitor.

“Ahem, Mister Aleti,” Newton began with exaggerated patience. “Pilot Viccieri is assigned to this shift but he’s … shall we say … a little too well-oiled to fly. Pilot Jones is on temporary suspension from flight duty due to one too many D-20 infractions. Pilot Ting is spending his next paycheck on a … ah … lady. Not that I mind — what someone does on his own time is his own business.

“All other pilots being assigned to sleep rotation, someone needed to test the shuttle, so I took it out. As to my pilot’s rating, I was classed A-1 readiness for flight in the Air Force before I had an emergency appendectomy and got a medical discharge to spend six months recovering from complications. May I land now?”

“Sure, Newton,” grumbled Aleti. “Come on in.”

Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/empire-saga-mary-c-findley/1111503996

Sony Store https://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/mary-c-findley/the-space-empire-saga/_/R-400000000000000527672



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Twitter You’re Fired! Or Are You?

Coaching From the HEART  The Center CirclePursuing Your God-Given Dreams10 Minutes to Better Living: Daily Applications From the Life of ChristBuilding Character Through Athletics (More Than X's and O's)The Weapons of Warfare (The Center Circle Chronicles)

This was posted in an Author’s Group I belong to by a member who has not had the best of relationships with Twitter, I admit. But as we struggle to use our time wisely to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, to Edify believers, to promote a Christian Worldview, and to teach and to delight, we have to look at all the evidence when we consider promotion. So consider this testimonial by Steve Biddison, author of seven books on coaching and Christian fantasy.

Twitter, I called this meeting to let you know my intention to fire you. You’ve worked for me over a year now, but quite frankly, I feel as though I have been working for you. I’ve put in countless hours with you and have seen no return on my time investment. In fact you demand that you monopolize my time. But for what? Oh you’ve made great promises over the year. “start using hashtags” you tell me. So I did. But no one could see my tweets because they weren’t top tweets. So you insist I work harder to get more tweets. And again I listen and after a couple of thousand tweets, I arrive at top tweet status on almost all my hashtags, including ones like #amazon and #kindle, not to mention any number of smaller tags. But still you bring me no profit. “but wait,” you tell me. “labor Day we

ekend will be great. Tweet a bunch then.”. So I do. 350 tweets to be exact, tweeting around the clock since Friday morning. Not one sale through the whole labor day weekend So I ask why you insisted I waist all those hours scheduling tweets? But then came the real shocker for me. Late Monday afternoon I published a new book. A basketball playbook for goodness sake. I didn’t even let you know about because I was afraid you would insist on tweeting about it. So I did no advertising and lo and behold, I wake up this morning to find one had already sold WITHOUT you tweeting about it. So now I ask you, dear Twitter, what do you have to say for yourself? Give me some reasons why I should not fire you today.
Image of Steve Biddison


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