The Death of Science Part 5 — The Double Standard

Secular Humanism boldly proclaims that the events recorded in the Bible are not historic. But using those same standards, neither were Plato, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu or most historic people or events. The oldest surviving manuscript of Plato’s documents dates to 895 AD. The Codex Oxoniensis Clarkianus 39 was copied more... Continue Reading →

The Not So Dead Sea Scrolls

Wikimedia Commons  Psalms Scroll Public Domain in the US.  The Israel Antiquities Authority 1993; photographer not named. Most people have heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS). Few people really know what they are and fewer still understand their significance. The DSS were found in caves near the Dead Sea and contain ancient scrolls. The oldest... Continue Reading →

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