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Eight Christmas Romances for Your Reading Pleasure — Post by Mary C. Findley

under the mistletoe 25

Thanksgiving is just a sweet memory. Black Friday has slid past also. But before you panic about shopping unfinished and garlands not hung, settle down with this anthology of eight romances and so much more. Meet real couples with real lives, not just smarmy smooches, and especially not steamy bed-hopping. Enjoy some sweet, clean, and meaningful reading time. Forget the heat meter. Crank up the faith, hope, and love meters in these stories without sacrificing real romance.

Christmas is the time when families get together and love abounds. Eight inspirational authors have teamed up to bring you eight wonderful Christmas novellas sure to bring you joy this holiday season.

Enjoy two historical and six contemporary romance stories sure to warm your heart.

The Christmas Bride by Jenna Brandt

Once Upon a Star by Lorana Hoopes

The Gift of Peace by Judith Robl

Fall on Your Knees by Mary C. Findley

Christmas Conundrum by Carol E. Keen

Holly’s Noel by Elle E. Kay

Love’s Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly

Christmas in Trace Hallow by C.J. Samuels

For just a taste, come see our YouTube video trailer

And find the book here on Amazon

You can get the book in print or ebook (still only 99 cents!) at all major online retailers.

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New Release: Fall On Your Knees — A Christmas Romantic Suspense Novella

fall on your knees 25

Reference librarian Karin Arthur’s quiet life changes forever when she accepts an invitation — A Christmas Eve blind date with a man she knows only from online research projects. Murali Nanda seems handsome, intelligent, accomplished, and passionate about Christian causes she also loves. Turmoil descends when Karin and Murali plunge into a plot to torture and murder espionage operatives and disseminate a computer infection that could bring vital intelligence agencies to their knees.

A courtship beyond whirlwind and a desperate race to stop a cyberkiller leave Karin reeling and feeling she has no choice but to accept the protection of this virtual stranger — whom she knew only in the safe, virtual world of her research work. Can Murali protect her and solve the mystery? Can she help him do what no one else has accomplished — root out the spreading threat that could lead to cyber destruction?

“I couldn’t have come this far without your help.” This was not a lie, and salved his conscience about the cover for the transfer of the information for this last operation.
“Almost finished,” Murali said to the library employee as she approached again. It was taking too long to make the transfer. Had something gone wrong? Was it being intercepted – rerouted –? “Ex Libris, please confirm you are receiving my package.” When Karin didn’t respond right away his panic started to build. No matter how many times he had done this, he couldn’t swallow the choking knot in his throat, the fear of theft, and of discovery, especially if it occurred on Karin’s end.

Only 99 cents!

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019EBKV9A?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/600776


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Review of Lord’s Love by Sophie Dawson

Lord's Love (Cottonwood)

The choice St John Lytton’s father gives him seems like a lose-lose situation. Even when he thinks he’s found an easy path with old acquaintances, he learns his father’s got a deeper plan. Culture shock doesn’t stop him from trying to have a little fun. But that’s when he begins to understand the seriousness of his situation. Will he risk losing his livelihood, home and heritage? And is it possible he still doesn’t understand what his father really wants from him? Could it be the beautiful girl he first pursued for fun is trying to teach him the same lesson? And if he doesn’t get it this time, will anything he’s planned or tried to accomplish really matter?



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“I’m Going Home.”

A review of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Perhaps I was the only remaining Christian female on the planet who had not read this book. The parallels to both the biblical book of Hosea and a human’s relationship to God are beautiful and valuable. It is almost a perfect allegory of the rocky relationship we have with our God and with our Savior as His sought-out bride. So many times we just don’t get it, just as Angel just doesn’t get it. Angel has good reason not to understand the fatherhood of God and Christ as a loving husband. She has never seen any example of either until Michael Hosea literally redeems her from the slavery of prostitution.

The book is full of beautiful examples of love, and of good, strong males showing how to be husbands and fathers and just good men. It also has one remarkable man, Paul. He is a needy, jealous, hypocritical accuser and adversary for most of the book. But he also plays one of the most surprising roles I have ever seen a character perform. This story is worth reading just to see the unexpected part he plays.

In this book God speaks with an audible voice and miracles happen. People are so sure of this reality, and one person is so shocked when it happens, it is time to look around in amazement. The spoken words are almost all Scriptures or Scriptural principles, so there’s no reason to question whether the audible whispers of “Beloved” in the ear are a part of the allegory or whether the author means an actual voice spoke. The defeat of Angel’s greatest enemy is nothing short of miraculous.

A bi-weekly stroll by a beautiful woman down a muddy street means so much more than “taking the air.” A dead woman’s hand-me-downs give occasion for both outrage and touching generosity. A hatbox of worries produces laughter and a lesson in faith. A golden key hangs in a spot where no one would imagine being able to reclaim it. When Angel finally says, “I’m going home,” it’s the echo of the final understanding every believer must come to about who is guilty, who is worthy, and what a bridegroom really offers to his bride, humanly and spiritually speaking.


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After Christmas Sale!

All of our e-books are now marked down for our After Christmas sale. Unillustrated books are now $2.99 and illustrated books are $6.99. (The Teachers Edition of Biblical Studies remains at 99 cents, however.) If you got an e-book reader for Christmas and haven’t filled it up yet, follow the links on the right side of the page to Smashwords or Amazon! Merry Christmas to all!

And a shout-out for some bluegrass performer friends of ours. Check out their YouTube Channel!


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