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Through the Windshield June/July 2014 — Post by Mary C. Findley



We haven’t had a “Through the Windshield” post in awhile, and hubby usually does these. But, let me tell you about our Canadian adventures. No cell service, no internet except free wifi at certain select truck stops when it works. First, 4-6 hours or so correcting the paperwork and submitting for approval so we could get in. Second, violent wind and rain that closed over 30 roads in Manitoba and Saskatchewan with flooding. We called on a landline to notify our agent ASAP but it made for a most exciting day and willful misunderstandings by a certain broker. Really only about 4-5 hrs late, after going over 100 miles out of route just to make it there at all. Fun times. Ducks. I forgot to mention the ducks. You think that nice weather for ducks thing is a joke, but they were EVERYWHERE!

As usual, we were unable to get unsweetened iced tea. (They only have the hot variety, or sweetened instant from dispensers.) Pepsi is also kind of rare. The good thing about Coke is that we drink less of it, which is better for the waistline.

Three days later, we finally made it out! No, we didn’t actually see the area pictured above, but sure did see a lot of flooding.

Image credit: Highway 16 near Elfros. Saskatchewan, Manitoba communities under states of emergency after flooding caused by a deluge of rain.
@BigBlueWheeler via Twitter

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