More Reviews of Christian Books You Ought to Read!

¬†"As automatic as panicking.",¬†April 29, 2013 Joana James has a secret formula for instant Christian success. Well, no, it's not instant, but it will work. These "wisdom bursts" were tougher to write than the first book in the series, I bet, but so necessary. We want to worry, we want to pick up that burden... Continue Reading →

Christian Book Reviews — At Least a Little Romance in every One!

"Faith and Victory Require Searching with Heart and Sword" This review is from: The Weapons of Warfare (The Center Circle Chronicles) by Steve Biddison What does Landru need to free his world from his conquering foe? Where can he look for allies when those he depended on shake his trust to its core? Will a... Continue Reading →

Reviews of Christian Books … A Little Something for Everyone! I thought a lot about Harry Potter and X-Men when I was reading this, but I loved the emphasis in this book on the true source of special powers and the real heart attitude the author states is necessary to keep these powers under control and growing. People can use or misuse gifts like... Continue Reading →

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