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Premade Cover Sale! — Guest post by Jen Gentry


Some of the most talented cover designers I have the privilege to know have come together for a great cause. They have donated several glorious pre-made book covers to help create scholarship money to assist aspiring indie authors to attend the upcoming Christian Indie Authors Conference. This is an excellent opportunity for Indie Authors to score a professional book cover at a very good cost and help a fellow Indie Author at the same time.

The sale is going on right now and ends on July 4th. The organizer Samantha Fury says they will be adding new covers daily until the sale is over.

I personally have enjoyed just looking through the wonderful selection of interesting, breathtaking, and artistic works on display. Anyone who purchases will be working directly with the designer to personalize each piece.

If you are looking for a cover for your own next masterpiece be sure to check out this book cover extravaganza.  Here is the link for the facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1594999634107302/

To learn more about the #CIAN2015 Conference please visit their website here

Original post from: http://jengentrysbooks.weebly.com/gems-from-jen/book-covers-supporting-a-good-cause-for-indie-authors

site.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1594999634107302/

To learn more about the #CIAN2015 Conference please visit their website here

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Please Donate to Help Save an Author Friend’s Eyesight

display of covers

Most of us don’t have  a lot of money, especially if we are authors. But If you are looking for a book cover, consider letting me make one for you. Above you can see some premade covers I created especially to try to raise funds for my friend Jen Gentry. Here is a facebook page we started to give information about her condition. https://www.facebook.com/groups/933509013328171/.

You can find her GoFundMe page here. http://www.gofundme.com/n5mw0g. If you wish to donate directly through Paypal, go to the facebook page and you will find her paypal email there.

You don’t have to choose a premade cover. You can see other covers I have made on my Pinterest page to give you an idea of what I can do. https://www.pinterest.com/marycfindley/all-about-book-covers/

Any ebook money I make, up until Jen meets her goal, should be donated to her fund. Here are my terms for making covers for authors, with the proceeds to be donated 100% to Jen’s medical needs. These offers apply to ebook covers only.

1. For a $10 donation, you can have any of the above-pictured covers as they are, with your title and author name in place of the generic text.

2. For a $15 donation, I will give three choices to change the font to.

3. For a $20 donation, I can change one image for a choice among 3 I have in my fairly large collection.

4. For a $25 donation, I can change both font and 1 image among a choice of three.

5. For a $35 donation, I can make you a cover to your specifications.

I can also make ad graphics. Here are a few, and I have many more images and fonts.

display of ads

These are $10 each. All donations should be made directly to Jen’s fund. Show me a receipt or other proof, and I will respond accordingly with your graphic.

If you don’t need a cover or ad, or can’t donate, please tweet and share this blog so that others can see it and be made aware of Jen’s need. Thank you!



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Best Christian Book Covers of 2014

2015 covers

These are not my Best of 2014 cover choices. They are just the covers for my 2015 Writing Goals

Recently several author groups shared around a post called “Worst Christian Book Covers of 2014”. I’m not going to link to it, because, frankly, I don’t want to give it one single more view. Many sites are set up to include a “worst of” whatever so that people can make clever but snarky and often cruel comments and feel superior. Instead, please share your “Best of” covers. If you can’t come up with just one, that’s okay too.

But I’d like to set some ground rules so we are not just posting one for our best friend or to promo our cover designer, or other criteria than what really IS the best. I also want to encourage people to offer brief but positive and helpful critiques explaining what makes the cover an excellent one.

Part One: Christian and Independent

I’d like to encourage people to chime in and post the best Independently-published Christian book cover you’ve seen this year. When I say independently-published, I mean not with a big, well-known, famous traditional publisher, but with a small press, or a cover made or purchased or fully-approved for that book by the author him/herself.I am not excluding books where the author purchased a premade cover by saying this. I am excluding books that were made in-house by an employee of a publishing house.

Part Two: Fonts

1. Title Fonts: Are they attractive, contrasting, readable, appropriate for the genre, and well-formed and colored?

2. Subtitle/tagline fonts: Are they compatible with the title, the right size and sort to complement and support the title and genre?

3. Author Fonts: Is the author name readable, strong, but not distracting from the title?

Part Three: Image(s)

Does it use images of good clarity, quality, and that evidence care in the choosing? Are they appropriate to the subject? Are they attention-getting without being simply beautiful or startling or attractive without having any relationship to the book’s title or subject? Are they right for the genre, setting, time period, or otherwise truly “right” for the book?

(Let’s make a separate category for covers with handmade art. Some people just irrationally hate to see anything that looks hand-drawn or colored or painted on a cover, but I think there’s a place for it.)

Part Four: Overall Composition/Design

1. Is the effect clean, organized, and drawing the eyes around to the important elements?

2. Are the colors, shadows, lights, textures pleasing, harmonious, and right for that book? Or, if the purpose is to create suspense, terror, or other emotional responses appropriate to the subject or genre, is it effective in doing that? Do things fit together and seem all to belong in the same composition?

I am hoping many people will participate in this, and make it a celebration of the best in cover design, as well as a learning experience for those who want both to learn to make better covers, and to stop being superior and cruel in our critiques.

Please comment or email us at findleymjmc@gmail.com with covers you’d like to see included. Hopefully by the end of the year we can present a Top 100 Independent Christian Book covers list.


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Dressing up for the Holidays: Free Images to Help You Make Ebook Covers

There isn’t any one magic charm that forces readers to buy your book, but certainly a great cover will at least tempt them to linger and consider. If you’ve already put your ebook out into cyberspace with a less-than perfect cover, it’s not too late to make it better. I just ran across a site maintained by a professional stock photographer. http://1photos.com/ Has an abundance of beautiful images, all kinds, even people, which are rare in stock photography without payment. but here’s the statement brom the site owner:

“Hello, My name is Kiselev Andrey. I am professional stock photographer. And now I want to present 1photos.com – the big collection of free stock photographs. All of my photos are free for corporate and personal use. Every image is free! 1photos.com features exclusive images found nowhere else on the web with new pictures being added every week. Without even registering, you can browse archive and download all the images you need. Photos are not offered in different sizes, but the standard resolution is generally high resulting in large pictures.”

So dig in, and even if you don’t make your own covers, perhaps you can give your designer a heads-up about this wonderful site. Here are three covers I have remade using images from this site. They make me happy, like newly wrapped presents for Christmas. And I hope they will be more tempting for readers to unwrap.

Benny and the Bank Robber 2: Doctor Dad takes place roughly in the mid-eighteen hundreds, and involves three teenagers and some of their growing pains. I am so happy to have found a handsome young man in fancy dress for the Christmas ball at his school and two lovely young ladies to portray the twin sisters who make his life more than a little uncomfortable. Be sure to take a look at the Benny and the Bank Robber series, three books so far, if you have a younger reader looking for a historical adventure to grow up with. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/102416

At the beginning of the book Prince Tristan of Parangor attends his father’s funeral, trying to avoid the cold and drizzle with a dark wool cloak, so this image of a handsome, cloaked man was a happy find for me. Mayra, Tristan’s student and later his love interest, comes to life as this young beauty enslaved by a cruel mistress and trained against her will to please men. The royal seal of Parangor, a ring depicting a badger in a wheat field, goes with Tristan on all his journeys and puts its stamp on his identity, his marriage, and his right to return to his kingdom.  The Baron’s Ring is a Historical Fantasy dealing with bullying, child slavery and a Black Widow murderess who uses occult powers to try to destroy Tristan of Parangor’s kingdom and his life.  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/90923

For my first ever NaNoWriMo, venture, the challenge to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November, I decided to work on the sequel to A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist, and I made the goal by the 19th of the month. The story is not yet finished, but I was looking for Victorian-era images and was so happy to find these. Doctor Oliver Twist comes to life as the narrator of this tale, and even Pinocchio and his mama surprised me by living among the images on this wonderful site.

I hope you will consider putting some of our books, in new wrappings or old, on your giving list. They are all linked along the right side. Enjoy taking a look at what we have to offer.


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