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Nominations for Best Christian Indie Covers of 2014 — Post by Mary C. Findley

Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Design by Jaye L. Knight



Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Designer not named


Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley

David Bergsland, avid reader, reviewer, blogger, and book designer, nominated the above books (plus Paryn’s Gold, below). He has multiple sites/blogs.  http://www.bergsland.org/ and http://radiqx.com/ are two of them. Resistance was also nominated by
Alicia G. Ruggieri

Cover Design by Kirk DouPonce



Cover Art by Pat Carbajal


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley


Cover Art by Sarah Scarborough


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley


The preceding covers were nominated by Peter Younghusband, avid reader and reviewer. (David Bergsland also nominated Paryn’s Gold.) You can find lots of great books on his blog. http://christianfictionreviewguru.blogspot.com/ Kirk Dou Ponce DogEared designs link: http://www.dogeareddesign.com/ GhostBox was also nominated by Jill Domschot.

Cover design by Kirk DouPonce


Nominated by Lynette Bonner (http://indiecoverdesign.blogspot.com), Caryl McAdoo’s Hearts Stolen. Also nominated by Caryl McAdoo.

Cover Design by Lynette Bonner


Cover Design by Rachael Rossano


Cover Design by Sevenlives Design


Cover Design by Rachel Rossano Designs and Alicia A Willis


Cover Design by Kirk Dou Ponce


Covers above were nominated by Alicia G. Ruggieri, author of The Fragrance of Geraniums (link above)   Link to Rachel Rossano Cover Designs: http://rossanodesigns.weebly.com/

Cover Design by Odd Mr. T


Cover above nominated by Sally Apokedak The Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency http://www.sally-apokedak.com/ Link to Odd Mr. T : http://www.oddmrt.com/

Cover Design by Caryl McAdoo original art by Judy Downs Levine

Cover nominated by Caryl McAdoo. (She also nominated Hearts Stolen, above) Judy Downs’ art site is ArtFelt.com


Cover design by J-Shan Art Studios

Cover Design by Alexandre Rito of Design Project


Cover Design by Jan Thompson

Cover Design by Tekem Studios Photography by Danyell Diaz

These covers were nominated by Heather Day Gilbert, author of God’s Daughter.

Cover Design by Widhi Saputro with 99 Designs



Cover Design by Christian Guldager

Design by Kirk Dou Ponce

The covers above,  as well as Ghost Boy and Kept by Sally Bradley, were nominated by Mirtika Schultz, author of Waiting for Appa.

Cover Design by Lynette Bonner

Cover design by Lynette Bonner

Cover Design by Tamian Wood



The above covers were nominated by Scott R Rezer, author of The Leper King, Love Abideth Still, Shadow of the Mountain

Cover design by Jenny Zemanek


The above cover was nominated by Sally Bradley, author of Kept.

Cover Design by K.M. Carroll

Cover Design by K.M. Carroll

The above books were nominated by Bethany Jennings http://simmeringmind.com/






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