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Only 2 More Days in the CIA “Love Is … ” Bloghop! — Post by Mary C. Findley

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Click the graphic to visit all the authors’ blogs. Hop, hop!

Remember, if you comment on my blog here, you can receive a copy of Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion, free. If you are having trouble commenting, drop me an email at findleymjmc@gmail.com, make your comment, and let me know what format you would like. One of our fellow hopping authors, Samantha Fury, said this:

“Mary, thanks for being one of my Angels at Christian Indie Authors, and Happy Valentines day to you and yours. This book sounds like your MC has two valentines to chose from.
“… a strange, nameless knight who pledges his aid, and the man who wants to kill her.
I think if I was her I would take the Knight over the guy that wants to EEEK kill her oh my.”

Samantha has the Street Justice series of Crime Romances, and as Samantha Lovern she has Maid For Martin, which I have read, and I think you’ll find very romantic. Here’s her blog. http://samanthafury-authorsden.blogspot.com/

Krystine Kercher is another author friend who commented on the story, and hers got through. Here’s her blog so you can check out her books. She has the Legends of Astarkand series, and also designs her own book covers. http://krystinekercher.com/love-is-cia-blog-hop/

“I dropped by to say hi and offer you best wishes for a good blog hop! I love the way your cover turned out… Hope looks like a really neat story, Mary! Now I’m very curious to find out which man is which!”

Ruthie Madison has her books here: http://madisonbook.blogspot.com/2014/02/cia-blog-hop-love-is.html, including The Past Hunter. She said, “Hi, Mary! I still haven’t read your sample, but this one sounds interesting! Good luck on your blog!”

Hope’s two Valentines are not the bad guy and the good guy, though. One is Robert, the handsome young earl’s son who wants her, and doesn’t necessarily want to wait for marriage. The other is her missing cousin Richard, a much older man who went to the Crusades almost twenty years ago after disgracing the family name. “Hope” is a recurring theme in the story, as well as the heroine’s name. She really hopes Richard never comes back.

The mysterious knight, who lets her call him Sir Chris, starts to capture her attention, though. He is resolved to help her find her missing family and swears to protect her from Hugo Brun de March, the disgraced French knight the earl protects. Sir Chris alternates between strength almost like Samson and a weakness he won’t explain. Hope doesn’t know if she can trust him to be her true knight, but she has no one else, when even Robert thinks she is mad for claiming that Hugo Brun attacked her home. Please check the book out, and comment if you’d like a copy.

You can find a free sample of Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion in this short story, Home to my Father: A Knight’s Diary”. Hope reads these excerpts from a Crusader’s diary in the course of the novel. Click the image to see the book on Amazon.

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A Simple Plan for Christian Romance

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Make it an element of the story, not the main focus. Adventure, suspense, mystery, or some other focus helps keep the story balanced. Focus on purity, privacy, and married intimacy rather than oozing emotion and sensuality between unmarried people. Fidelity, self-sacrifice, and playful fun help round out the romance. Keep it within the context of adults and near-adults and get them married as soon as possible or prevent the constant tug of physical temptation.

I have used the device of having the hero disabled in the second chapter and literally unable to move for most of the book. He is too busy wrestling with his self-pity, acknowledging his need to depend on others, and facing the danger of a second assassination attempt to worry about his romantic issues.

Another device I have used is to force the romantic characters into “arranged” marriage before they even acknowledge their love. The rest of the book describes their growth together in love, loyalty and dependence on each other, and some intimacy is expected.

A variation of the arranged marriage is one in which secrets and lies make love and trust impossible, keeping the characters apart until they can tell each other the truth and discover they are involved in solving the same mystery, at which point they can marry and work together to solve it.

Plenty of interaction with other characters and plot elements keep the focus off the attraction and strengthen the bond and commitment as the main characters go through the hardship or danger or mystery-solving together.


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