In the Spotlight: The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery

  Who/What inspired you to begin writing novels? Been writing since JR high when a substitute teacher encouraged me and I won a creative writing award. Please tell me in one sentence only, why everyone should read your book. Read them if you care about attacks on religious freedom, preserving God's Word, and the persecution... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Chocolate Town (San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán — an Olmec site) From the Great Thirst Part Six

If Keith had to assign a Bradley Central report on this trip, he had an idea what the favorite part of this day would be. The museum had just added on a welcome center outside the gift shop where they could try small samples of cocoa as the original Olmecs might have drunk it. The... Continue Reading →

From The Great Thirst Part Six — Eva takes Keith and Talia to meet her son Angel

“You’ve made your point,” Drew said to his wife. “Obviously I haven’t,” Anne snapped. “She’s risking your two biggest assets in this mission on lunch with a drug cartel insider. Instead of being able to at least admit that, she tries to makes this about me!” Drew looked from Eva to Anne and then risked... Continue Reading →

Dating the Ice Age Part Two: From the End of the Ice Age to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon

For the Conflict of the Ages series, ancient history is the end of the Ice Age to the destruction of Jerusalem and the first temple by Babylon. The better preserved documents of Greece, Rome, China and India are Classic History for the Conflict of the Ages series. Ancient history is pieced together from millions of... Continue Reading →

Chapter Twenty-three – What Do You Want from Me?

Talia dragged Keith away from the windows of a travel agency with posters of Greece and Turkey destinations. They were spending the day in the “big city” shopping and finishing up preparations for the trip. “We’re going there,” she laughed. “You don’t have to look at pictures.” “The history of these lands is like a... Continue Reading →

Snippet from My NaNoWriMo project — The Assembly

Friday, Principal Bradley arranged a special assembly to have Remmy and Sophia talk about their archaeological finds and some of their experiences abroad. Remmy walked all around the auditorium, alternately terrifying kids and getting them spluttering with laughter. He had so many stories and so many weird artifacts. He showed them  a full five scroll... Continue Reading →

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