Guest Post by Marilynn Dawson: “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey” Christmas Progression

I am participating today in a sort of story progression Marilynn Dawson has put together. I will share the other blogs in the series so you can find any segments you've missed and know where to go next. December 13th Ch 2 Cheryl Cope December 14h Ch 3 Vanessa Hancock Sand Castles and Sn... Continue Reading →

Faith and Victory Requires Searching with Heart and Sword A review of The Center Circle Two: Weapons of Warfare by Steve Biddison

What does Landru need to free his world from his conquering foe? Where can he look for allies when those he depended on shake his trust to its core? Will a journey to the Great Pyramid and Stonhenge give him the teacher he needs to understand his faith? Who will fight with him when the... Continue Reading →

Mysteries, Characters and Distractions: A review of Allon by Shawn Lamb

Allon is the first in a fantasy/allegory series by Shawn Lamb. The biggest mystery is who you can and cannot trust. Lamb presents characters, some only briefly, but startles us with their motives and revelations of good or bad character, and the consequences of their actions. Beware of jumping to conclusions. Some things are predictable... Continue Reading →

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