Our Genres

Findley Family Video has books in the following Genres. Mouse over the title to see a cover thumbnail and short description. Click the genre image for book covers, descriptions and sample, with links that will take you to the Amazon and Smashwords pages. A list of all the works in that genre follows each image.

Adult Romantic Historical Suspense

adult romantic historical suspense

by Mary C. Findley

The Baron’s Ring (first in the Men of the Realmlands series)
Send a White Rose
Chasing the Texas Wind
Carrie’s Hired Hand (novella)

Issues Nonfiction and Homeschool Curriculum

issues nf and homesch curric

by Mary C. Findley

Write for the King of Glory (tips on indie writing and publishing)

by Michael J. and Mary C. Findley

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Readers’ and Writers’ Guide for Believers

Biblical Studies Part One Old Testament  and Part Two New Testament (Teacher and Student editions)

by Michael J. Findley
Antidisestablishmentarianism (illustrated and plain versions)
(serial versions)
What Is an Establishment of Religion?
What Is Secular Humanism?
What Is Science?
What Are the Results of the Establishment of Secular Humanism?
The Conflict of the Ages series (All have teacher and student editions)
I. The Scientific History of Origins
II. The Origin of Evil in the World that Was
III. They Deliberately Forgot: The Flood and the Ice Age
IV. Ice Age Civilizations

by Michael J. Findley

Disestablish: An Overview from Creation to the Ice Age 

(50-page summary of Antidisestablishmentarianism and the Conflict of the Ages series to date.)

Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Steampunk

spec fic

by Michael J. Findley

The Empire Saga (all six of the following books in one volume)
City on a Hill (Novelette)
Sojourner (Short Story)
Nehemiah LLC
Empire One: Humiliation
Empire Two: Repentance
Empire Three: Sanctification

by Sophronia Belle Lyon (pen name for Mary C. Findley)

The Alexander Legacy Steampunk Literary Tribute Series
Book One: A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist
Book Two: The Pinocchio Factor
Book Three: The Most Dangerous Game

by Mary C. Findley

The Acolyte’s Education (Allegorical clockwork novella inspired by Little Red Riding Hood)

Younger Reader and Young Adult Historical Adventure

youth ya histor advent

by Mary C. Findley

Young Adult Historical Adventure
Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion (plus illustrated version)
the Benny and the Bank Robber Series
Benny and the Bank Robber (Plus homeschool editions for student and teacher with review and vocabulary)
Doctor Dad
The Oregon Sentinel
Lines in Pleasant Places

Fiction from the Ice Age forward, to set the record straight

ancient historical fiction

by Michael J. Findley

The Ephron the Hittite Series
Ephron Son of Zohar
Tawananna Daughter of Zohar
Heth Son of Canaan Son of Ham, Noah
Shelometh Daughter of Yovov 

Zita Son of Ephron and Shelometh

Contemporary Fiction  about relationships and current issues


Archaeological Mystery Serial
by Mary C. Findley

The Great Thirst Part One: Prepared

The Great Thirst Part Two: Purified

The Great Thirst Part: Three Pursued

The Great Thirst Part Four: Persecuted

The Great Thirst Part Five: Persevering

The Great Thirst Part Six: Protected

The Great Thirst Part Seven: Prevailing

Relationships Short Stories
by Mary C. Findley

Fifty Shades of Faithful
Fifty Shades of Faithful 2: In Living Color

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