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Images from the Illustrated Version of Antidisestablishmentarianism
Images from the Illuminated Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion
Images from the 3D video of Sojourner, from the Space Empire Saga, plus the Discovery about to enter the Earth’s atmosphere from Empire 1: Humiliation
From the Illustrated Dodge, a Twist and a Tobacconist
The Design in your Mind … Book covers and Graphics for All
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If you are an author, or just need graphics for any reason, I can help.
Click on a graphic below to see covers I’ve sold, made for our books, or created as premade examples of my work. Charges start at $50 for a custom ebook cover. I also offer $150 print book cover packages including ebook, print, and 3 promo graphics (examples are sales memes, facebook covers, or bookmarks). If you choose to use your own professional-level photography or images from stock sites, you pay for them separately and send them to me. Otherwise, I have access to hundreds of free images, textures, metallics, objects with 3D appearance — more than you can imagine. Browse the genres I have done and see if I can help you. If you like a premade as is the price is $25. Minor modifications can be done for a $5-$10 upcharge.  If you need graphics such as facebook covers or promos they start at $10. Remember that Romance, Suspense, Mystery, and a few other genres can occur with others, such as Contemporary, Historical, or even Sci Fi and Fantasy. Browse to see the variety available, and remember I can always do more!
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4 thoughts on “Images & Covers

  1. Antidisestablishmentarianism- photos are very scientific, prehistoric, like discovering something new within the old, a creation(the chromosomes one) of what is to be.
    Images from the Illuminated Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion-reminds me of authorian times with king author and the round table planning to save the heroine of the story form danger.
    rom the Illustrated Dodge, a Twist and a Tobacconist- reminds me of a muesum filled with istory of the past but not quite prehistorical. like each item tells a story about How God created the earth and allowed the explorers to have the ability to explorer and build his kingdom.

    this is just my opinion and interpretation of some of the images above.
    I love how It is not quite historical nor is it romance but it is a cross between the two like Historoman of the Future should defitely be the genre.

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