Kill Order by Adam Blumer: Guest Post

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, release: August 15 Book Summary When he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of the past come alive. Grammy-winning pianist Landon Jeffers’s brain cancer has given him only a few years to live. But when he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of his past torment him. When he wakes, shameful memories come... Continue Reading →

Guest Post Nishoni Harvey #2 — a very special course! 🌟 Your instructor, Nishoni Harvey, has authored eight books and now develops aspiring writers into published authors through Authors Aflame. 🌟 She has been teaching English for 13 years with a Bachelors degree in education. 🌟 Now, she wants to teach you how to become an Authority Author to influence and impact the world... Continue Reading →

This Is How to Get Your Book Written and Published! — Guest Post by Nishoni Harvey

Are you ready to write your book? Are you ready to get published? Are you ready to receive the recognition you deserve? Are you ready to get your story out there so you can influence and impact lives? Are you ready to help others in your niche? Are you ready to promote your business by... Continue Reading →

Mapped Out Murders Ready for Readers

Sarah Groben is an LAPD Homicide detective and a pastor's wife. She's got six murders she wants to solve by Sunday. Members of a fledgling group for 10-40 window transplants seeking Christianity are being killed. A Muslim charity interested in better relations with Americans seems to be connected by the death of a former financial... Continue Reading →

Music In The Early Church — post by Michael J. Findley

Jesus and the disciples attended Jewish synagogues and temple worship. These services included stringed, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The book of Psalms was the hymn book of the second temple. After finishing the Passover meal they sang a hymn, presumably not a Psalm, and presumably without instruments, before walking across the Kidron Valley to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time — post by Michael J. Findley

Thoughts on Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time (from one who has not seen the movie) after just re-reading the book. I personally believe that Disney did us a favor by removing all mention of God from the movie version. The name Jesus is only mentioned one time in the book, and in that instance... Continue Reading →

What Is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? — Post by Michael J. Findley

"The nightmare of total organization, which I had situated in the seventh century After Ford, has emerged from the safest remote future and is now awaiting us, just around the next corner." Brave New World Revisited 1958 Aldous Huxley Brave New World ends with John, also called the Savage, hanging himself. John certainly viewed that... Continue Reading →

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