12 Days of Christmas — I'm on tomorrow!

Please join this annual event on facebook at any time, but, especially, stop by tomorrow morning from 7-11 AM Eastern time, because that's MY time! You will find lots of authors you may or may not know, all presenting a clean and uplifting wordview in all kinds of books! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1184333868259877/ is the place, in the... Continue Reading →

Mapped Out Murders Ready for Readers

Sarah Groben is an LAPD Homicide detective and a pastor's wife. She's got six murders she wants to solve by Sunday. Members of a fledgling group for 10-40 window transplants seeking Christianity are being killed. A Muslim charity interested in better relations with Americans seems to be connected by the death of a former financial... Continue Reading →

What Is the Best Way to Learn What Your Opponent Believes? — post by Michael J. Findley

In answer to a Quora question: What's the best way to learn the opposing side's arguments when it comes to politics? What is best varies from person to person. I read Plato’s Republic, then acquired an audio version to listen to it many times. Rather than the Communist Manifesto, Plato is the real foundation of the left.... Continue Reading →

I Never Win Anything — by Mary C. Findley

"I've never won anything!" You know you've said it yourself. So have I. But yesterday I won something. My newly-published novella, His Sign: The Wait Is Over, won an award from Radiqx Press's Reality Calling: Christian Fiction. Peter Younghusband and David Bergsland both read and review Christian fiction, especially in the Speculative genre, for redemptive qualities.... Continue Reading →

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