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His Sign 2: The Ezra Solution — New Release!

December of 2018 I released a different kind of short novel called His Sign: The Wait Is Over. I created it as a modern allegory, fictional, but intending to convey spiritual truth. I was kind of getting tired with the popular Nephilim obsession.

His Sign: The Wait Is Over

But, in the interest of giving people exciting supernatural events and people, I created a race called the Sethites. These people are given special powers by God and became heroes of the ancient world. They are supposed to protect ordinary people and help them serve the true God. Much like the biblical accounts of the children of Israel they pollute themselves and dilute their power by idolatry and taking foreign wives. The spiritual warfare didn’t stop, however and some ordinaries are left on their own in the fight.

Drew Goddard, a former intelligence agent, suffers paranoid delusions and loses everything because of a “gaslighting from hell.” When a woman with strange dragon-like eyes rescues him from a demonic invasion of his apartment, his eyes are opened to the spiritual battle he has no choice but to to help fight. Like many half-hearted believers in God, Drew was waiting for a sign to serve Him. He got one, all right, and he gets a chance to help others find places of service in this rag-tag interdimensional army. They even learn that persecution has a true spiritual dimension and see firsthand how vital it is to be prepared with the Word of God and to be committed to protecting those learning to serve in purity and truth and also to survive to do so.

In Book 2, The Ezra Solution, Drew Goddard and Nomie Harker land headfirst in the middle of a supernatural war over an ancient evil. Nomie gets a sign of her own, but they aren’t sure it can stop the self-destruction of an ancient race. The Sethites are locked in civil war with their far-gone dragon kin. Ordinaries are the bait to trap and remove the only obstacle to the ultimate act of rebellion. Hope may lie in the wedding of a most unlikely couple. A traitor tries to destroy the peace but they might be wrong about the real enemy. Drew is about to relive the history of a certain Bible king, coming face to face with a giant race out for blood.

His Sign 2: The Ezra Solution

The second book includes a bonus chapter: a teaser from His Sign 3: Holy Ground. In that book, Drew and Nomie search for answers when rural “preppers” are targeted in a frantic search for something and a confused government agent gets a sign no one expected. A family goes missing and a secret worth dying for becomes the focus of a physical and spiritual hunt with eternal consequences.

His Sign 3: Holy Ground

Check out the first two books in the His Sign Serial Paranormal Urban Fantasy. They are both still 99 cents, but I don’t know for how long.

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Guest Post by Russell Sherrard: A Podcast Is Born!

I was first introduced to creating a podcast for various things. I listen/watch a tech show on the weekend and the host mentioned an app called I went to Anchor to check it out.

A few of Anchor’s best features:

UNLIMITED FREE HOSTING → We don’t believe in charging creators to make or store their content. No storage limits, no trial period, no catch. 

This is one of the main reasons that I went with Anchor

Make your podcast available everywhere people listen (including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify), with just one click. 

This is another reason I went with Anchor.MONETIZE YOUR PODCAST → Get paid for your plays by beloved brands we’ll match with your show, or collect monthly payments from your listeners. Or both! 

This is a good feature that I don’t have to worry about.

It is taken care of for me


Record with guests or cohosts anywhere in the world, or collect voice messages from your listeners to include in your episodes. 

This feature only works on “compatible” smart phones. I was told when I downloaded the app that my phone was incompatible. Not only that this feature only works on compatible phones.

STRAIGHTFORWARD ANALYTICS → See at a glance how your podcast episodes are doing over time, so you can understand and grow your audience. 

Good feature. Easy to read.

RECORD FROM ANYWHERE → Anchor’s mobile apps, iPad app, and desktop platform make it easy to capture audio anywhere, anytime. 

Again, does not work on incompatible phones.

I found an alternative. Use Works better than the app and your recording can be up to 6 hours in length. 

Despite some shortcomings of the app I decided to create my own podcast. It is called Ask the Author Podcast.

Listen to the NEW Ask the Author Podcast.This podcast conducts candid and insightful interviews with Christian Independent Authors. Ever wanted to know what your favorite authors favorite food is? Want to know what your favorite author does in his/her spare time? You’ll find the answer here each week. Our Interview this week is with Sherry Chamblee.

Click on the link to hear the Podcast. #podcast #audio #listen

Ask the Author Podcast
 Ask the Author Podcast

I have created 3 episodes so far and am enjoying it immensely. You can too!


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