A Warm Heart — A Very Short Story by Mary C. Findley

Image of female EMT from Depositphotos “Whoa. Your hands are cold.” Eric Morrow winced. “Sorry. Sorry.” The EMT shoved her hands inside her jacket. Eric tried to smile through his grimace of pain. “I guess that’s pretty petty of me, complaining about your cold hands, Erin,” He whispered, reading her ID badge as she went... Continue Reading →

Guest Post Nishoni Harvey #2 — a very special course!

https://videopress.com/v/tV3kS5mv 🌟 Your instructor, Nishoni Harvey, has authored eight books and now develops aspiring writers into published authors through Authors Aflame. 🌟 She has been teaching English for 13 years with a Bachelors degree in education. 🌟 Now, she wants to teach you how to become an Authority Author to influence and impact the world... Continue Reading →

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