In the Spotlight: The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery

  Who/What inspired you to begin writing novels? Been writing since JR high when a substitute teacher encouraged me and I won a creative writing award. Please tell me in one sentence only, why everyone should read your book. Read them if you care about attacks on religious freedom, preserving God's Word, and the persecution... Continue Reading →

New Release: Fall On Your Knees — A Christmas Romantic Suspense Novella

Reference librarian Karin Arthur's quiet life changes forever when she accepts an invitation -- A Christmas Eve blind date with a man she knows only from online research projects. Murali Nanda seems handsome, intelligent, accomplished, and passionate about Christian causes she also loves. Turmoil descends when Karin and Murali plunge into a plot to torture... Continue Reading →

What Is BookBub and Why Would You Care that We’re There?

BookBub is a site where people can find books -- deals, sales, freebies -- ebooks, specifically. Authors can place ads there and sometimes get a whole lot of sales. The ads can be expensive, but most people say they are worth it. Recently, however, BookBub has introduced some free options for authors to get noticed.... Continue Reading →

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