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In the Spotlight: The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery


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Who/What inspired you to begin writing novels?
Been writing since JR high when a substitute teacher encouraged me and I won a creative writing award.

Please tell me in one sentence only, why everyone should read your book.
Read them if you care about attacks on religious freedom, preserving God’s Word, and the persecution facing Christians around the world.

What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?
I am interested in the persecution facing people who share and protect His Word, and have studied archaeology related to the Bible. I have also researched ancient technology and how it makes amazing things possible plus refuting the evolutionary idea of primitive people in ancient times. Plus I know the dangers of secularism and its attacks on truth.

A look at some of Mary’s books!

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The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery

Why did you write this series?

We have nonfiction books that tell about the dangers of Secular Humanism and the history of people attacking God’s Word, but I hoped this fictional series would allow me to share some of the research and knowledge in a more exciting and interesting fictional setting.

Does your serial include true archaeological finds and events?

The search for the Golden Testaments is fictional. But it parallels true stories of people who have been persecuted and killed for sharing and spreading the Word of God, and trying to protect it. It is also build around true finds like the possible re-discovery of orichalcum, as well as ancient artifacts that produce holograms and the advanced architecture of ancient civilizations.

What ages do you write for?

I write for middle grade all the way up to adult, in most all the genres including nonfiction.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

I help hubby with our trucking business as he drives, whether I like to or not. Otherwise I like to draw, make crafts with playdough and fabric, and do digital art.

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The Great Thirst Serial on Amazon

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New Release: Fall On Your Knees — A Christmas Romantic Suspense Novella

fall on your knees 25

Reference librarian Karin Arthur’s quiet life changes forever when she accepts an invitation — A Christmas Eve blind date with a man she knows only from online research projects. Murali Nanda seems handsome, intelligent, accomplished, and passionate about Christian causes she also loves. Turmoil descends when Karin and Murali plunge into a plot to torture and murder espionage operatives and disseminate a computer infection that could bring vital intelligence agencies to their knees.

A courtship beyond whirlwind and a desperate race to stop a cyberkiller leave Karin reeling and feeling she has no choice but to accept the protection of this virtual stranger — whom she knew only in the safe, virtual world of her research work. Can Murali protect her and solve the mystery? Can she help him do what no one else has accomplished — root out the spreading threat that could lead to cyber destruction?

“I couldn’t have come this far without your help.” This was not a lie, and salved his conscience about the cover for the transfer of the information for this last operation.
“Almost finished,” Murali said to the library employee as she approached again. It was taking too long to make the transfer. Had something gone wrong? Was it being intercepted – rerouted –? “Ex Libris, please confirm you are receiving my package.” When Karin didn’t respond right away his panic started to build. No matter how many times he had done this, he couldn’t swallow the choking knot in his throat, the fear of theft, and of discovery, especially if it occurred on Karin’s end.

Only 99 cents!




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What Is BookBub and Why Would You Care that We’re There?

new releases

BookBub is a site where people can find books — deals, sales, freebies — ebooks, specifically. Authors can place ads there and sometimes get a whole lot of sales. The ads can be expensive, but most people say they are worth it.

Recently, however, BookBub has introduced some free options for authors to get noticed. One is that we can now have an author profile, and have all our books listed on the site. I did that, and now you can find me, hubby, and Sophronia starting here:

Here’s a screenshot of what part of my author page looks like.

bookbub screenshot

You can search for any author you want on BookBub, and if he/she has an author profile you can follow that author. The cool part is that you will receive notices when that author publishes a new book. This year Findley Family Video Publications has already put out more than one title per month including updates and revised/expanded editions — and we are hard at work getting more new releases ready!

So here’s the great news: If you follow me at my BookBub author profile, you’ll be notified of each new release. And since it’s BookBub, you can browse a ton of authors and find your favorite or new favorite books. Please follow me there so you can see all we have to offer and tap into the power of BookBub, too!

Please follow me at BookBub, and let me know if you find more authors to love there!

For my fellow authors, here’s a how-to link to BookBub author profiles if you’d like to get one too. There is an approval process to go through.






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