The Great Thirst Part Six — Protected is now live! And Part Seven is in pre-order!

The Great Thirst is almost complete! Here's a snippet from Part Six: “David, where are you?” Drew’s voice came over David’s satellite phone, scratchy and indistinct. He had been out to the village again with a small team, trying to be sure the cartel was not looking for the expedition or questioning the shooting incident.... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Chocolate Town (San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán — an Olmec site) From the Great Thirst Part Six

If Keith had to assign a Bradley Central report on this trip, he had an idea what the favorite part of this day would be. The museum had just added on a welcome center outside the gift shop where they could try small samples of cocoa as the original Olmecs might have drunk it. The... Continue Reading →

From The Great Thirst Part Six — Eva takes Keith and Talia to meet her son Angel

“You’ve made your point,” Drew said to his wife. “Obviously I haven’t,” Anne snapped. “She’s risking your two biggest assets in this mission on lunch with a drug cartel insider. Instead of being able to at least admit that, she tries to makes this about me!” Drew looked from Eva to Anne and then risked... Continue Reading →

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