Meeting the Author — from The Most Dangerous Game by Sophronia Belle Lyon

“I am Edward S. O’Reilly, but you can call me Tex.” “Well, Tex,” I [Sluefoot Sue] said, “just what is it you think qualifies you to write about Pecos Bill?” “Why, I know everything about him.” “Is that so?” [Pecos] Bill asked. “Indeed!” “Huh,” said Bill. “I thought I heard you mention women?” “You have... Continue Reading →

Snippet from Kittens in My Kiln, a short story in Fifty Shades of Faithful 2 — In Living Color

"And the cat is important because...?" Sam wanted to roll his eyes. Again with this cat thing. "Well, it's not just any cat. Seems it was a special breeding experiment, very pricey new variety called a 'Glitter Himalayan'. Her cat was pregnant, ready to drop the load anytime, and its kittens are gonna be worth... Continue Reading →

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