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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,400 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Nominations for Best Christian Indie Covers of 2014 — Post by Mary C. Findley

Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Design by Jaye L. Knight



Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Designer not named


Cover Design by Ben Patterson


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley

David Bergsland, avid reader, reviewer, blogger, and book designer, nominated the above books (plus Paryn’s Gold, below). He has multiple sites/blogs. and are two of them. Resistance was also nominated by
Alicia G. Ruggieri

Cover Design by Kirk DouPonce



Cover Art by Pat Carbajal


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley


Cover Art by Sarah Scarborough


Cover Design by Mary C. Findley


The preceding covers were nominated by Peter Younghusband, avid reader and reviewer. (David Bergsland also nominated Paryn’s Gold.) You can find lots of great books on his blog. Kirk Dou Ponce DogEared designs link: GhostBox was also nominated by Jill Domschot.

Cover design by Kirk DouPonce


Nominated by Lynette Bonner (, Caryl McAdoo’s Hearts Stolen. Also nominated by Caryl McAdoo.

Cover Design by Lynette Bonner


Cover Design by Rachael Rossano


Cover Design by Sevenlives Design


Cover Design by Rachel Rossano Designs and Alicia A Willis


Cover Design by Kirk Dou Ponce


Covers above were nominated by Alicia G. Ruggieri, author of The Fragrance of Geraniums (link above)   Link to Rachel Rossano Cover Designs:

Cover Design by Odd Mr. T


Cover above nominated by Sally Apokedak The Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency Link to Odd Mr. T :

Cover Design by Caryl McAdoo original art by Judy Downs Levine

Cover nominated by Caryl McAdoo. (She also nominated Hearts Stolen, above) Judy Downs’ art site is


Cover design by J-Shan Art Studios

Cover Design by Alexandre Rito of Design Project


Cover Design by Jan Thompson

Cover Design by Tekem Studios Photography by Danyell Diaz

These covers were nominated by Heather Day Gilbert, author of God’s Daughter.

Cover Design by Widhi Saputro with 99 Designs



Cover Design by Christian Guldager

Design by Kirk Dou Ponce

The covers above,  as well as Ghost Boy and Kept by Sally Bradley, were nominated by Mirtika Schultz, author of Waiting for Appa.

Cover Design by Lynette Bonner

Cover design by Lynette Bonner

Cover Design by Tamian Wood



The above covers were nominated by Scott R Rezer, author of The Leper King, Love Abideth Still, Shadow of the Mountain

Cover design by Jenny Zemanek


The above cover was nominated by Sally Bradley, author of Kept.

Cover Design by K.M. Carroll

Cover Design by K.M. Carroll

The above books were nominated by Bethany Jennings






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Free, reduced, and new release books for Christmas — Post by Mary C. Findley

Merry Christmas 
Christian Indie Authors Network
Did you get a new kindle or maybe your old one has room for more e-books? Well, check out these great offers from our Christian Indie Authors. We have free books. books that are on sale, and a new releases. Not all books are free the same days so please check the dates. Free Books are clearly marked so enjoy.

Our Authors at CIAN want to wish you a
Merry Christmas and invite you to  check out our 2015 Readers Author
Conference, more details can be found here but for now feel free to check out these great deals and Merry Christmas.

11 Free Books 
8 books on Sale 
3 New Release
Click on Book Title or lower part of image for link!

Free on Amazon FREE 24 — 26

FREE 24 — 26 
Christian Mystery Romance
Book ONE Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy Charlie’s Angel!!!

Free On Amazon 23 & 24

 Free on 23rd and 24th






 Free On Amazon PG-13 Free 24 -25

Surprise Engagement (California Love Trilogy Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

Samantha Lovern




Free on Amazon all the time





Free on Amazon all the time

Historical adventure for readers to grow up with. Benny and the Bank
Robber is free, and all other books in the series are 99 cents! Message:
Check out Benny’s perfect plan for Christmas in Book 2, Doctor Dad! (this is the link for the series page.)
300 pages



Free on Amazon FREE 12/24 – 12/28

Christian Romance
FREE 12/24 – 12/28
Message: A twist on the Scrooge tale with some neat romance thrown in!
319 pages








FREE On SMASHWORDs all the time

Times of Turmoil: Christian End Times Thriller (Book 1)Series: The End Times Saga  By Cliff Ball   The Evans family make it their mission to
destroy Christian influence in the United States through wars, protests,
and government tyranny in this first novel of seven in The End Times
Christian thriller, Times of Turmoil, the first novel of seven in the series The End Times Saga, is free on Smashwords: 

Free on Amazon FREE 12/24, 12/25, & 12/26

FREE 12/24, 12/25, & 12/26 An
old-fashioned romance set in the Cades Cove area of



Free On Amazon FREE All The Time


Free On Amazon 12- 22 — 12-26





Free On Amazon Free 23 to 26






On Sale On Amazon Always .99




On Sale On Amazon12/23 -12/30 reg 2.99 on sale .99

On Sale On Amazon Dec 24 thru 26th



On Sale On Amazon .99 thru Jan 1

On Sale On Amazon .99 cents until Jan 1

Sale  .99 cents until Jan 1st



On Sale On Amazon .99 Dec 26

$.99 from the 26th – 29







On Sale On Amazon PG-13 Rating Sale ends Dec 31





On Sale On Amazon .99 On sale to Jan 1

New Release On Amazon 




New Release On Amazon .99 thru Dec 26th


New Release on Amazon

If you’re a Christian Author and want to learn more about our groups go HERE!

If you’re a Reader and you want to join our Readers group join HERE!

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New Release — Alana Terry’s Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder by Alana Terry 

Torn Asunder is the newest suspense novel from award-winning author Alana Terry. Torn Asunder is the story of Hannah and Simon, two North Korean refugees who sneak back into their country to serve as underground missionaries. In this world of spies, secret police, and informants, Simon and Hannah learn that staying together won’t just compromise their ministry. It could cost them both their lives.

Torn Asunder launches today for just 99 cents, and all book sale proceeds today support the work of Liberty in North Korea, an organization that runs an underground railroad for North Korean refugees. You can get the paperback or the ebook for 99 cents for a limited time only. And remember the best news ~ Your purchase will help save a North Korean refugee!

Excerpt from Torn Asunder:

Simon gritted his teeth. His head felt like it was sinking. The general kept his voice level and pleasant as he slipped the device over Simon’s pinky. “Now, you just tell me who you delivered your Bibles to, and I’ll let you leave here with everything intact.”

Simon tried to swallow. His whole jaw was swollen from his scuffle in the woods. He shut his eyes and hoped the general couldn’t feel him tremble.

General Sin chuckled to himself. “Silly me. I forgot.” He slid the device off Simon’s finger. “This kind of tool won’t work on a big, strong man like you.” He strode over to Hannah and yanked her hand before Simon could even cry out. He jammed her ring finger into the opening.

Simon struggled against his iron restraints. “Let her go!”

Hannah sucked in her breath. General Sin still glared at Simon. “This is your last chance. Give me the names, and I’ll release her unharmed.”

Simon’s field of vision blurred over. He wanted to scream. The metal from his handcuffs sliced open his wrists. He pictured himself breaking free and tackling the general to the ground.

“Better talk.” General Sin yawned. “I hate getting my uniform messy.”

Hannah’s hand trembled, but she didn’t make a noise.

“Three …”

Simon clenched his jaw, unable to tear his face away from Hannah’s wide, terrified eyes.

“Two …”

Want more? Buy Torn Asunder on amazon now. And remember, all book sales today will be donated directly to Liberty in North Korea, a group committed to seeing North Koreans achieve their freedom in THIS GENERATION.

Want to help spread the word? See below to click and tweet, or share this image on your timeline. Then be sure to scroll down to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift card, surprise grab bag ($60 retail), great CD from Cherie Norquay, and free prizes to everyone who enters! And don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think of Hannah and Simon and those like them who sneak into hostile mission fields to share the gospel.

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Are you on twitter? Just click to tweet ~

Tweet: Buy a book. Save a refugee. Torn Asunder by Alana Terry. All proceeds today to @libertyinNK. #99cents #suspense

Tweet: New release Torn Asunder, Christian #suspense set in #NorthKorea. All proceeds today donated to @libertyinNK #99cents

Or copy and paste into an email or Facebook status: Torn Asunder is a new Christian suspense novel by Alana Terry about two North Koreans who serve as undercover missionaries. It’s on sale for only 99 cents, and all book proceeds today will be donated to Liberty in North Korea’s underground railroad for North Korean refugees.

Did you help spread the word? Click below to claim your prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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New Release: Parker J. Cole’s The Other Man

the other man
Leah Westwood loves her husband Jacob with all her heart, even as the smoldering glances of her ex-flame Vincent Miller continue to affect her. What she once shared with Vincent threatens to rip apart the bonds she is trying to build with her husband.

Jacob’s heart belongs to Leah, but his body refuses to accept that. Rachel is the one who has been his mainstay at the most difficult times in his life. How could he leave her alone?

Vincent wants Leah back and all he has to do is watch and wait as Jacob and Leah’s relationship unravels.
Ultimately, Leah must make a choice . . . between fantasy and fidelity.

Buy Link:
Facebook Link:

Parker J. Cole is a writer and radio show host who spends most of her time reading, knitting, writing, cooking, and concocting new ideas for stories. Her first novel, Dark Cherub, won Best of Spring Reading 2013 from eMediaCampaigns. She lives in Michigan with her husband and beloved dog Sarah.

Visit her site at

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