The War on Christmas

Christmas originated in the Roman Empire when Christians gathered together to worship Jesus during the feast of Saturnalia. Since most Christians were poor or slaves, when the pagan majority celebrated Saturnalia, Christians were given the freedom, for that one day, to do whatever they wanted. They had “the day off.” So when their masters, neighbors... Continue Reading →

Character Interview with Sebastian from Dana Pratola’s Second “Descended” Book

    AMAZON: BN: Men like Sebastian want only one thing, and Natalie has vowed not to give it to him. Yes, he’s gorgeous, intelligent and heroic, but he’s also a constant reminder that she isn’t good enough for him. Can she outrun a club owner who wants her dead when she’s weighed down by... Continue Reading →

Love Does Not Mean “Give it to Me Now!”

Anyone who has ever had children, worked with children, been around children or seen children is very familiar with the expression “he won’t share with me.” Hence the equally familiar response: “Share does not mean, ‘Give it to me now.’” That same sentiment is also applied to love. We are absolutely drowning in advertisements telling... Continue Reading →

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