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“So what evidence would you accept to prove that the Earth is millions of years old?” an atheist asked me on Christmas day. It is not possible to have a reasoned, intelligent discussion with someone whose opinions (beliefs) are not based on evidence and facts. The question changes facts and evidence into a matter of opinion. That is the very foundation of AntiScience. That question ended my participation in that discussion.

The simple statement, “That is a green fence,” is a statement of fact. It may or may not be true. It can be tested and either proven or disproven. Between friends, the statement “That is a green fence” should be enough.

But scientifically, the statement has three parts which need to be defined. 1) What is “that?” Down the street? Are you sitting on it? 2) What is green? Saturation value of 255 while red and blue each have a saturation value of 0? 3) What is a fence? Are you referring to a wall, a pile of stone, a traditional wooden fence?

Seldom, if ever, do we need to be so precise in everyday discussions. Even highly technical scientific discussions are filled with assumptions, such as that the person reading this knows that H is hydrogen and He is helium.

But to replace evidence with opinion is AntiScience. In everyday life we express opinions and that is part of life. “I like that green fence.” “I believe that green is an ugly color.” Both of these are opinions which might start lengthy discussions, but they are not science. Neither are they my opinions. I just used them as examples of opinions.

In the discussion group, I brought up the fact of lunar recession, which is detailed in another blog post as proof for a young Earth. The moon is receding from the earth at a rate of 1.5-2 inches per year (the measurements have been taken repeatedly and there is a very slight disagreement as to the exact amount of recession).

Instead of dealing with evidence, I was attacked and mocked for not believing as they do. Links to articles “debunking” what I “believe” were quickly posted that had nothing to do with my article or my position.

The self-righteous hypocrites who instantly jump to condemn as “ignorant” and “uninformed” anyone who dares to publish evidence and facts which disprove their establishment of religion are AntiScience. Over twenty years ago I saw a St. Louis, MO news piece, carried on both the electronic and print medias. A man was arrested in a park in St. Louis in a drug case. The picture and videos showed a slovenly, haggard man with long, unkempt hair and needle marks. He was a graduate student at Arizona State University. He agreed with the established religion so he could be repeatedly referred to as a “scientist.”

At the same time, well dressed, articulate men with earned PhDs and no criminal records who present evidence against the established religion in this country are vilified by the same media.

Believers in the establishment of religion in this country, Secular Humanism, are intolerant of anyone who presents evidence which contradicts their deeply-held, emotional beliefs.

Illustration From A TOM CORBETT Space Cadet Adventure THE SPACE PIONEERS By CAREY ROCKWELL, 1953, illustrations by LOUIS GLANZMAN. Project Gutenberg Transcriber”s note: Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the copyright on this publication was renewed.


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Last Free Days for the Illustrated Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist

dodge ebook 10 illus
We have facebook friends all over the world, so I am posting all the store links Amazon has for the Illustrated Dodge, Twist and Tobacconist, which is free today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Merry Christmas!





And in this special new edition you get a sneak preview of The Alexander Legacy Book 2: The ‘Pprentices, the Puppets, and the Pirate. Here’s a peek at the latest cover concept art:

redesigned legacy 2 10


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Free Books Between Now and Christmas. Check the Dates and Enjoy!

free books

A bunch of authors who love readers just like we do got together and said, “What if we give presents of free books between now and Christmas?” Check the dates, but enjoy yourself with these books from Christian authors — fiction and nonfiction, SciFi, Fantasy, Contemporary, and Historical, new releases and some  “older” releases you might have missed. Enjoy!

FREE Dec. 24 – 25 MAID FOR MURDER: Deadly Business
FREE Dec. 21 – 22 & Dec. 24 – 25 ACCIDENTAL MEETING
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Guest Post by Shelley Hitz — Trusting God When Bad Things Happen


Trusting God When Bad Things Happen

Guest post by Shelley Hitz

My heart continues to be heavy for all those grieving today across our country.  I don’t believe it was a coincidence that I published a book this past week called, “Trusting God When Bad Things Happen.”  And even before the tragedy in Connecticut, I felt led to offer it free on Smashwords this month.

Trusting God In The Midst of the “Storms” of Life

When bad things happen, what is your reaction? Do you trust God even when you don’t understand?

There was a dark season in my life when it literally felt like an earthquake had occurred. Everything in my life seemed to be falling apart…my family, my finances, our church. And I asked God the simple question, “Why?” This book is the result of my own search for answers. In the end, God gave me illustrations that I will share with you and brought healing to my heart and my distorted view of Him. I was able to trust Him again, even though my circumstances had not changed.

I pray that God uses this short eBook to deeply impact you as well. I have included questions for reflection for you to go through individually or as a group.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I (Jesus) have overcome the world!” – John 16:33

One Reader’s Response:

“This book has Biblical answers to the ‘Why?’ we are hearing so much today after the shooting tragedy in Connecticut. Thank you, Shelley, for the timeliness and wisdom.” ~Barbara

Download This Book for Free

For anyone interested, you can download the book “Trusting God When Bad Things Happen” FREE this month.


100% Off Coupon Code: HB95F

Expires: January 1, 2013

This book is also available for $0.99 on Kindle

Please feel free to share this book and coupon code with anyone you think could benefit from the topic.


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Guest Post by Marilynn Dawson: “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey” Christmas Progression


I am participating today in a sort of story progression Marilynn Dawson has put together. I will share the other blogs in the series so you can find any segments you’ve missed and know where to go next.

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Here’s my part of Marilynn’s story. After it you’ll find a giveaway link to follow to enter her drawing.

In a Land, Far, Far away. . . But Closer than Any of Us Realize. . . the Following Story Continued. . .

Time passed. Snow covered the ground as Maria made her way back to the village that was now her home. Night was swiftly falling and the stars began to hint at their presence in the darkening sky. Maria had remembered to bring the lantern with her on this errand, remembering that dark and terrible night when a similar errand left her stranded, unable to tell which way to go.

That particular night, as she had tried to make her way along with what slivers of light the moon gave her between thick clouds, she had fallen again! The memory made her shiver and she wrapped her cloak around herself even tighter. She couldn’t help remembering how terrible she felt when a bright light blinded her, and before she could focus, who should be standing before her but The Crown Prince! She waited for the berating, for the rebuke at having forgotten the lantern He’d so graciously provided for her. But none came.

As the snow crunched beneath her feet, the glitter of the snow reminded her of how her heart leapt when instead of berating her, the Crown Prince scooped her into His arms, relieved that she wasn’t hurt. How she loved it whenever He held her close like that. But upon safe delivery home to Teacher’s house, the Crown Prince was on His way again after a peck on the cheek and promise to return.

That was only a month ago, but it seemed like yesterday. The biggest part of this memory that captivated her wasn’t the hug she received from the Crown Prince, or the momentary disappointment for having forgotten His lantern. The biggest and most impacting memory of that night, was the discovery that she actually wanted to look after the white raiment the Crown Prince had given her!

Up to that point, it had been so torn and tattered, so stained and dirty, that she’d given up on pleasing the Crown Prince with her appearance ever again. But the Crown Prince had spent so much time painstakingly mending, washing, and repairing her robes, that suddenly, she found herself wanting to look after them herself!

This discovery had been so intense that when she fell on the path, she was beside herself at first thinking she’d just soiled these beautiful clothes! Such worry and concern had made the Crown Prince smile and almost chuckle to see her maturing in her outlook on life. He’d felt it prudent to remind her to remember Who she was preparing for, so that her focus on maintaining white robes did not steal her focus away from Himself and her future as His Bride.

She couldn’t help a sigh escaping her lips as she rested on a bench near the village now. The air was so crisp and clean, and the stars danced with such beauty against a vast black backdrop. She could have sat there all night, but she knew the dark ones roamed the streets and she had to get home. Reluctantly, she rose to finish the trip.

A glance down at her robes revealed them to be almost glowing in the dark with a new whiteness she hadn’t seen before. Her gaze was drawn to the lantern and then it hit her. . . This was no ordinary lantern, but the Crown Prince Himself guiding her home. . .

His light illuminating her path one step at a time, and casting a glow over her form that said she had been with the Prince Himself!

Yes. . . she was marked. . . Everyone knew her as the one the Prince loved. . . It was now up to her to prepare for the day when He’d come for her, His wedding entourage in tow. . . Never again would she embark on long errands without the Lantern of His love.

Something caught the corner of her eye as she rounded the corner to her home. Glancing that direction revealed a small tear in her sleeve that she hadn’t seen before. Just then, Teacher came out of the house and beckoned her inside quickly. No sooner was the door closed than several thuds were heard on the other side. Maria now knew where that tear had come from. The dark ones were shooting arrows and one had caught her robe.

“I almost got home in time! But alas, I couldn’t avoid the arrows. . . I’m so sorry Teacher. . . ”

Teacher set about mending the tear. “Eh, I’m just glad you remembered the Crown Prince’s Lantern this time! Remember young lady that I am here to help you. You can’t protect yourself from the dark ones alone. You need me.”

Maria bowed her head. “Yes Teacher. Thank you for mending my robe again. Thank you for caring, for being here every time I need you. I honestly don’t know how I’d do it without you. The Crown Prince’s list of preparations for the wedding are so deep and so involved. . . I have despaired of ever getting them right except that you are here to teach and to guide me. You are most kind, Teacher.”

Teacher put away his sewing kit, raised Maria to her feet from her place at the kitchen table, and bid her good night.

Later as Maria was making her nightly entry in her scroll, she looked up at the Lantern now sitting in a prominent spot on her table and smiled. Indeed the Crown Prince HAD provided everything she’d need in that little bag.

* * *

Giveaway link:

Marilynn grew up in a solid Christian home, coming to Christ at the age of 7. She has been actively involved in Church life since age 10, including activities such as joining her Mom and sister in singing special numbers, choir, teaching Sunday School, leading Sunday School open session, planning Sunday School lessons, and more. Marilynn attended both public and private schools growing up. She attended North Island Community College on Vancouver Island and Trend College in Kelowna, obtaining certificates in receptionist work and Comptia A+ computer repair.
Throughout her life, Marilynn has written poetry and published a few of them in the American Poetry Anthology(two issues). She currently does freelance work for a technical blog in Alberta. She’s also written numerous unpublished articles on end-time eschatology and the news, written unpublished short stories, word studies and more.
Marilynn lives with her two teenagers, cat and gerbils, in Kelowna BC Canada. Her day job sees her fix computers, program cash registers, and engage in multimedia for her church. In the evenings and on weekends she’s a soundtech helping with various events through the year from funerals to workshops to concerts and weddings. Marilynn sings in the choir, holding down the tenor section, and sang on her church’s praise teams for several years as an alto or tenor substitute.
Marilynn can be contacted via her author page on Facebook at: or by email:

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Guest post by Randy Blackwell: Welcome to the World of Soterion!

Kasey Myles

This is amazing! A novel, and  soon to be an RPG-Based SciFi/Fantasy/Steampunk creation! It would make a stunning addition to the collection of anyone who loves these genres. Please take a look at these amazing images (And these are just tiny samples! You have to see the real stuff!) and then visit with my friend Randy Blackwell on his own site about his novel that will lead to the RPG book:

(Please respect these artists’ creations and do not copy or distribute. They represent copyrighted material.)


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Guest Post by Naty Matos: Loneliness Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone!

Naty (533x800)

Loneliness is defined by my friend Wikipedia as a complex and usually unpleasant feeling in which a person feels a strong sense of emptiness and solitude. The causes of loneliness are varied, but it can be affected by social, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors. See that the definition says that it’s very unpleasant to feel lonely. It also says that whoever is feeling loneliness feels empty.

The thing about loneliness is that it is not equal to being alone. You can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. I believe loneliness is more related to a feeling of disconnection, where our senses, our feelings and our spirit are lacking the right connection. Like I said, if we are in a room, and we don’t know anyone or don’t have anyone there that we can relate to.

Everyone experiences loneliness at some point. The lack of a significant relationship, the loss of a loved one, a move to a different place, are just some of the reasons that can trigger feelings of loneliness. We can also feel emptiness when we don’t exercise our spiritual life. When we lose contact with God, we have the tendency of losing sight of those things that are relevant in life and get caught in the trivialities of life, getting overwhelmed and feeling lonely in our fight for our lives.

So what should we do when we feel lonely?

  • First we need to remember that God never left us, he was always there, we were the ones who walked away. He says to us in Matthew 28:20 ‘And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
  • Live in the comfort that he will always receive us back. That no matter who has left, who we left, who we lost or what we lost he will always be there for us. “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” Psalm 27:10
  • Remember that in times of trouble, He will be your protector. God will be there with you and for you in spite of you. “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. “Joshua 1:5
  • Least but not last, rest that God will take care of you, all your needs and all your burdens.”He will fill your heart, spirit and life with his presence, peace and the right people. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

If you are feeling lonely today, I hope that this message comforts you and that the word of God gives you the strength to get through this time.

Check out my new novella “Season’s Greeting from Amelia” available now on Kindle, Smashwords and Nook. This great novella brings mystery, suspense and the best stocking stuffer for your favorite e-reader. You can get your copy for just 0.99 cents on only during the month of December.

season (1)

Book Description
Daisy has the perfect life, beautiful children and a wonderful husband. And Christmas is right around the corner. Tis the season to be jolly… Or is it?
Daisy’s life is flipped upside down by strange letters that are sent to her by her best friend, Amelia. And as her life continues to quickly spiral out of control, she realizes that something BIG is about to happen. Can she put aside her confusion, hurt, and anger in order to solve a mystery that may have a horrific ending????
Can Daisy’s life ever return to normal regardless to whether she does or doesn’t?

Author Bio
Naty Matos was born in the city of New York. She grew up in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and now lives in the city of Atlanta.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a Minor in Mass Media Communications and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.
Naty writes Christian fiction and non-fiction. She maintains a blog on Christian Living Topics at
Copyright © The Rising Muse 2012


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