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Serials and Samples

Whoa! All of a sudden Findley Family Video has thirty-six titles? How can anyone keep them all straight? Well, here’s how, with this handy catalog of all our ebook offerings:


Illustrated Antidisestablishmentarianism

“Why Go to the American Wilderness?” Contains the Preface, Introduction, and first chapter of the complete plain text version of the book.

“Serial Anti” ebooks (illustrated and unillustrated versions. Each contains a five-chapter section of the complete book plus relevant appendixes and complete bibliography):

1. “What Is an Establishment of Religion?”

2. “What Is Secular Humanism?”

3.  “What Is Science?”

4. “What Are the Results of the Establishment of Secular Humanism?”

The Conflict of the Ages Part One: The Scientific History of Origins

The Teacher’s Edition Biblical Studies 

Student Edition Biblical Studies

“Old Testament and New Testament Manuscript History,” the first section of the Biblical Studies Student Edition.

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion

Illuminated Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion, an illustrated version

“Oysters and Orisons,” a three chapter sample with smaller illustrations

“Home to My Father: A Knight’s Diary,” another excerpt from Hope which can be read as a stand-alone story.

Empire Saga

“City on a Hill,” a stand-alone story excerpted from Empire

“Sojourner,” a stand-alone story excerpted from Empire

“Empire 1: Humiliation,” first part of the Empire Trilogy

“Empire 2: Repentance,” second part of the Empire Trilogy

“Empire 3: Sanctification,” third part of the Empire Trilogy

The Baron’s Ring

“The Depths of the Pit,” a three chapter sample

Chasing the Texas Wind

“These Society Things,” a three chapter sample

Send a White Rose

“Mail-Order Mistake,” a three chapter sample

Benny and the Bank Robber

“Death and Peppermint Sticks,” a three chapter sample

Benny and the Bank Robber 2: Doctor Dad

“My Best Man’s Mother, ” a three chapter sample

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Foundational Facts

Our book Antidisestablishmentarianism expands the following points in detail. Antidisestablishmentarianism has thousands of footnotes and over thirty pages of Bibliography references. These brief explanations will help those indoctrinated in the religion of Secular Humanism to begin to understand what America’s founding fathers knew when they wrote the Constitution.

The words belief, trust and faith are legal terms which form the foundation of true science. Belief means examination of the evidence and deciding by an act of the will to choose what is true. Belief is similar to the word credible. Belief can be misplaced. Faith is the active part of belief. Trust is the passive part of belief. Belief is the foundation of true science. The Wright brothers believed men could fly. With that faith they built an airplane in Ohio and shipped it by rail to North Carolina. They trusted in their beliefs by riding in the airborne airplane. This is the foundation of true science and the historic use of the words belief, trust and faith found in the Bible and used by America’s founding fathers. No basic law of physics contradicts anything in the Bible.

Secular Humanism is a leap of faith devoid of scientific facts. Like all religions, no two believers believe exactly the same way. In Chapter Six of Antidisestablishmentarianism we list 18 dogmas of Secular Humanism. Some of the most important points held by the vast majority of Secular Humanists are: Secular Humanism is a religion based on feeling and emotion, not reason. Secular Humanists do not believe in anything non-material. Secular Humanists deny God, angels, sin, Satan and demons. They believe that the goal of mankind is personal fulfillment, (as they define it) and collective evolution. Like everything else, children are the property of the state. Unity means the eradication of opposition. In 1957 Secular Humanists sued and won tax exemption as a religion. Secular Humanism is recognized by the United States Supreme Court as religion, with evolution as a central tenant of that religion. The core of evolution is the concept of “deep time” on earth.

Chapter 14 of Antidisestablishmentarianism is a twenty-seven-point list of scientific facts which scientifically prove that the belief in deep time on earth is a myth. A modified version of Chapter 14 is on the website. These four points sum up the major arguments. First, the moon is receding from the earth at a rate of approximately 1.5 inches per year. The moon’s orbit is unstable. Since an orbiting satellite must increase speed the closer the satellite is to the object it is orbiting, at some point closer to the earth the moon’s orbit would have been stable. A catastrophic event more powerful than all the nuclear weapons on earth was needed to change the moon’s orbit.

Second, near the top of the Himalayan mountain is a “yellow band,” a layer of intact fossilized ammonites, ancient marine creatures similar to a modern nautilus. Because they are mostly intact, they had to be put in place while their surroundings were in a plastic state (mud). Either there was tens of thousands of times more water on earth than there is now, or far more likely, the entire Himalayan mountain chain, including Mount Everest, was catastrophically upthrust. That is, with approximately the same amount of water that the earth has now, the Himalayan mountain chain went from layers under the ocean to its present location in a matter of minutes.

Third, Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet high on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It is classified as brackish, which means that it has a salt content, though it is not salty enough to be classified as seawater. Only fresh water feeds the lake now. It has living sea horses, which indicate that Lake Titicaca was once connected to the ocean. There is an ancient shoreline which is much higher at one end of the lake than the other. At some point in the past Lake Titicaca was severely slanted compared to the modern lake. There is a large (660 feet long) building underwater with a road leading to it and steps leading down to unexplored depths.

Tiahuanaco is a city twelve miles south and 800 feet higher than the current lake. Tiahuanaco was a port city with a harbor for ships much larger than the current lake ships. They were probably ocean-going vessels. Though corn will not germinate above 11,500 feet, there are terraced cornfields on the shores of Lake Titicaca going up to 17,500 feet. The reasonable, scientific conclusion is that the moon’s orbit, the Himalayan yellow band and Lake Titicaca were all a result of a massive catastrophe which happened since civilized men were building cities.

Fourth, the according to Secular Humanists the only really reliable dating method is radiometric dating. For radiometric dating to be accurate, the earth could never have passed through a thermonuclear event. It is also impossible to know the original condition of the radiometric samples being tested. All the radiometric sample tells us is the ratio of radioactive isotope to stable isotope. The usual published date is nothing more than the oldest possible date of a range of dates. Zircons are the standard Secular Humanists use for establishing a 4 billion plus age for the earth, using the uranium to lead dating method. The exact same zircon sample, however, using the helium diffusion rate gives a date of only 6,000 years ± 2,000 years.

Only Secular Humanists can even conceive of the idea that the phrase “establishment of religion” in the first amendment of the US Constitution is vague and without meaning. The opening to the Magna Carta clearly states “that the English Church is to be free and to have all its rights fully and its liberties entirely.” The Magna Carta opens with this clear statement that the English Church was to be completely free of the English Crown. For hundreds of years the Magna Carta was signed over and over again by various monarchs, always with same words in the first point. The English Church was the center of worship, the dispenser of alms to the poor with preaching friars and monasteries and the overseer of education with the great Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Henry VIII decided to change the meaning of the Magna Carta to mean free of foreign control, meaning the Church of Rome. This seizure of doctrinal teaching from the pulpit, almsgiving (remember John Bunyan’s imprisonment) and education by the crown was the sharpest goad to force Englishmen to leave England for the New World. At the same time on the European Continent, the Peace of Augsburg (1555) and the Peace of Westphalia (1648) clearly spelled out what an Establishment of Religion was and what was and what was not allowed. As in England, taxes supported the established churches which were responsible for providing for the poor, education and public preaching. Since the heresy trials of Charles Augustus Briggs in the 1890s, American schools, poorhouses and other types of welfare have only had to claim that they were not religious (secular) to receive tax money and favorable laws. These welfare and educational payments have been given with strict secular humanist strings attached. Through these judicial rulings, federal laws and federal funds, Secular Humanism is now an establishment of religion in every sense America’s founding fathers meant by the phrase “establishment of religion.”

While the first Humanist Manifesto openly used the term “religion” to describe their beliefs, modern Secular Humanists have discovered that lying about their religious beliefs gives them enormous political power. By falsely claiming that they are not a religion, they can appoint bureaucrats, collect taxes, and pass laws against, fine and even imprison those who oppose them. Any other form of religion is their enemy and must be quashed. The second and especially the third installments of the Humanist Manifestos are filled with newspeak straight out of Brave New World.

To a Secular Humanist, Science is “deep time.” The exact amount of time is unimportant. Secular Humanists are dogmatic that “science” allows for evolution. Their religion requires vast amounts of time uninterrupted by global catastrophes to account for evolutionary development. Overwhelming evidence forces them to admit to some catastrophes. These must be shoved far enough back in time to not interfere with evolution. Secular Humanists do not mean the scientific method, unbiased experimentation and observation when they use the word “science.” These are acceptable parts of science only when they are connected with “deep time.”

When Secular Humanists are not in power, they demand unity, “sharing” and that everyone “come together” to achieve goals. When they are in power, they ignore, attack, or overwhelm any opposition and go ahead with their own plans. Anyone who refuses to put their faith and trust in “science, falsely so called” is blocked from employment, fired if they do get a job and blacklisted once they are fired. Common forms of blacklisting include failure to cooperate with others (they cannot be pushed into believing in “science”) and refusal to abide by customary standards (refusal to put their faith and trust in “science”).

Since Secular Humanists believe that children are the property of the state under the brotherhood of man, they actively support the kidnapping of children for indoctrination. Secular Humanists believe in property confiscation to force people to believe. In Communist countries, Secular Humanists put unbelievers in re-education camps and work them to death.

“Free” sex, immorality, self-indulgence, profanity (free expression) and violence against all who disagree with Secular Humanism are not only tolerated, but encouraged. Disagreement is not tolerated.

Tools used to coerce unbelievers are social (isolation, crimes committed against them are ignored), political (laws are passed and regulations written to enforce secular humanism) and economic (loss of job and confiscation of property). Widespread abuse of prescription drugs allows behavior control and masks consequences and responsibility for sin.

(from our website,

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Will You Lose Your Job Because of Facebook?

This is not about your indiscretions which might show up in human resources. Yes, those are important, but this is about the very existence of the company you work for.

“But I work for a huge, stable company.” If you believe that you are safe then you do not understand how the stock market works.

Several years ago when politicians attempted to buy stock with social security funds, liberal cried, “risky scheme.” The current Social Security has no risk factor at all. Politicians spend the money as fast as it is collected. It guarantees that the money will not be there when it is needed.

The United States is in a desperate financial condition. If you do not understand that, the rest of this blog will make little sense to you. The federal government has borrowed more money than it can possibly repay. Private funds have nothing valuable to invest in. Unemployment is far higher than the government will admit. The government has to cook the books to hide the reality of the situation. The same is true for inflation.

Desperate to make a profit, large Wall Street investment firms are taking immoral risks and getting caught. With the failures of the Federal Government and traditional Wall Street investment firms, investors turned to a non-traditional source of income to seek profits in Facebook.

Investing means taking some of your money and saving it. You can do one of two things with your savings; hide it (put it in a mattress, safe deposit box, buy gold, etc.) or attempt to make more money. This attempt to make more money is known as investing. You can put your money in a traditional savings account with lower returns but relatively safe investments. You can also buy bonds, another traditionally safe investment with low rates of return.

But the largest and most common long-term investment instrument is a stock certificate. Both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were told by their publishers that they would lose half their audience every time they used a formula. Following that sound advice, there will be no accounting here.

A stock certificate is legal ownership of a company. While there is a lot of hoopla surrounding an IPO (Initial Public Offering), you must realize that an IPO is selling the company. Most people understand selling a car or house. When the deed or title is transferred, they have the money but not the car or house. A stock certificate, however, is only part ownership. Since stocks can be structured so many different ways, something simple might help us understand.

A man gets married. He has lived at home and worked on a farm his entire life. He wants to move out of the house and start his own farm. He convinces ten people with money to invest in a very small, completely equipped farm. They are not just giving him money. They are lending him their retirement funds. They need the money back but not for a few years. Each of these ten people gets a single stock certificate. To make the illustration very simple, whatever profits the farm makes when it harvests and sells it crops will be split 50/50. The farmer will keep 50% and the ten investors will each get 5%. So in this example, if the farm made $200,000 the first year, the farmer would keep $100,000 and each investor would get $10,000. This is similar to the way the real world works. The capital equipment, such as the land and tractors, would be purchased with original investment funds. Ongoing expenses, such as tractor repairs and diesel fuel, would be paid for out of the farmer’s share of the profits. As long as the investors keep their stock, they will continue to get 5% of the profits.

The risk is that if the farm does not make money the investors do not get paid. Every day companies fail and the investors lose their investment. Most people invest in some type of mutual fund where they buy shares in a lot of different companies. If most of the companies you invest in are profitable, it does not matter if one or even a hundred companies fail. If those profits more than offset the failing companies, you still come out ahead.

This is where Facebook comes in. We have a failing economy, a failing federal government, and failures on Wall Street. Facebook was the largest IPO ever. Though the IPO took place 5 days ago, there is still disagreement as to exactly how many billion dollars Facebook raised. The price per share was based on the number of shares issued and the amount of income Facebook is expected to generate. Unlike a farm, which harvests and sells a tangible product, the only income Facebook has is advertising revenue. It makes estimating income very difficult.

The billions of dollars invested and lost in Facebook were taken from other companies. Where did the money go? On a farm, money is spent on tractors, land and seeds. In a tech company, the buildings and equipment often have little value to anyone else. The capital investments are often in salaries of tech savvy employees and highly specialized equipment. However, in Facebook’s case, the money the original investors lost is not gone until the investors sell their stock. Facebook as a company has spent some of the initial investment. If Facebook uses that money wisely and eventually pays large dividends, then everyone who invested in Facebook will be paid back. The only people who lose money are the ones who sell while the stock price is low.

Facebook is pointing out as an example. Amazon’s IPO opened at $18 per share and fell to around $1.50 per share. Amazon went public in 1997 and failed make a profit until 2001. It is now up to $217 per share. However, Amazon sells stuff. It is easier to evaluate how well Amazon is doing by looking at what and how much Amazon sells. Facebook has a huge audience, but how much of that audience buys products Facebook advertises?

Our little business advertised on Facebook. Our tracking showed zero results from our Facebook advertising. GMC just canceled Facebook advertising last week for similar reasons. Facebook advertising does not work. Of course, Facebook can turn things around. But at this time, Facebook stock is worth less than half of its IPO opening price.

Most people are realizing that Facebook was oversold. The IPO price was inflated. No one can explain how the price came to be what it was. This is still being analyzed, but whispers of impropriety, dishonesty, and serious misconduct are becoming shouts.

At this time, Facebook is looking more like Netscape. The browser with more than a 90% market share in the mid 1990s now has less than a 1% market share. Netscape was sold and investors lost almost everything.

The difference between Facebook and Netscape is that Netscape failed in a strong economy. The money invested in Facebook was pulled from other businesses. If Facebook fails, or even just loses a lot of money, other companies will not have the money to meet their payrolls.

Combined with the other problems the US has, it just might be the perfect storm to bring down the US economy.


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A $2 a mile load pays more than $12.50 a mile load?

This is for the Landstar community, but I am posting this for the world at large because I am asked about this at least twice a day. From here on out, I will just post a link to this blog. Since this is for everyone, I will explain some details the Landstar community takes for granted.

Landstar agents and truck drivers are paid by the load. There is no “company” to pay us by the hour or give us a salary. While there is a lot of money involved, we also absorb all the risk. We have no sick time, no benefits, no income whatsoever when we are not working. We have about $200 per week in expenses, even the weeks we do not work. These expenses are primarily taxes and insurance (a form of tax).

The most important part of economic survival is control of expenses. In fact, the choice of equipment, the choice of loads and the expenses are the only things a driver has any control over. I am not going to mention anything about the choice of equipment here. That is a multiyear decision. I am only going to compare two different loads.

These are two mythical loads, not available on any load board anywhere. But the data is based on loads I have actually hauled. I am less interested in realistic numbers than making in an easy to understand illustration.

Load A picks up in the AM in NJ, goes down a toll road, crosses a toll bridge and delivers in Philly, PA. It pays 50 miles. Load A pays $600 line haul and $25 Fuel surcharge. Fuel surcharge is based on $.50 per mile for 50 miles. $625 for 50 miles will post on the Landstar board as paying $12.50 per mile. It is floor-loaded, live load and live unload. You drive a half hour to the shipper to pick up at your 7:00 am appointment. You leave the shipper at noon. Traffic jams slow you down and you arrive at the receiver at 14:00 for a 25 mph average. The receiver tells you that you had a 1300 appointment and they will try the “fit you in.” It is cold (or hot), and neither the shipper nor the receiver has a driver’s lounge. You are forced to idle you truck at both locations, even though it is against the law. You leave the receiver at 1930, with only an hour to drive and the only truck stop in range is a pay truck stop back in NJ where you will have to pay another toll to get out of NJ. Since you do not have another load scheduled after this one, you do not want to risk running out of hours trying to reach the free truckstops in Elkton, MD. Expenses for load A: tolls in NJ, bridge toll to PA, driving 90 miles @ 3.5 mpg (a lot of idling in traffic) and 4 total hours idling at shipper/receiver. If you have a $10,000 auxiliary power unit (APU), you will have no idling at shipper/receiver and a total fuel cost at shipper/receiver of about $1.50. You will also be legal.

Fuel is calculated at $4.00 per gallon. Breakdown of immediate expenses are; $55 for tolls (estimate), $120 for fuel (approximate-includes driving to Petro in Bordentown, NJ after load delivered), $20 overnight parking. Total immediate (short term) costs for load A are $195.

Income for load A is 66% of $600 (old contract) and $25 for Fuel surcharge. Total income for load A is $400 plus $25 for $425 gross income minus $195 immediate expenses for a total net income of $230 for one day and no load the next day. You had little wear on the tires, but a lot of wear on the clutch and the engine had as much wear as a 600 mile run.

Load B picks up in Washington State and delivers near Atlanta, GA with one stop. It is a 3000 mile run. The fuel surcharge is $1500. The linehaul pays $4375. Stop pay is $125 (includes light driver assist). Landstar will post this load as paying $2.00 per mile. There are no tolls. Total mpg, including all idling, is 7.5 mpg. This is the only number which is not made up for this article. We actually get 7.5 mpg including idling. On this trip, there are no additional expenses. 3000 miles takes 5 days, including loading and unloading. You have a total 150 miles deadhead. The only immediate expense is $1680 for fuel.

Income for load B is 66% of $4375 plus $1500 for fuel surcharge and $125 stop pay. Total income for load B is $2887.50 plus $1500 plus $125 for $4512.50 gross income minus $1680 for fuel. The only immediate expense is fuel. The total net income is $2832.50. Since this load takes 5 days, the per day total is $566.50.

The wear on the tires is much greater on the 3150 mile trip compared to the 90 mile trip, but the wear on the rest of the truck is comparable per day.

While this is a purely mythical example, it is based on trips we have run. In this mythical example, the trip Landstar lists as $2.00 pays the driver more than twice what the trip Landstar lists as paying $12.50 per mile. Which is why I do not care what the “per mile” rate is. All I care about is how much the load pays.


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Why does Abe Lincoln Look So Grim?

This is a rest stop along I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming which serves to commemorate the Lincoln Highway, which, the displays say, crossed the US from Times Square to San Francisco. There is a huge sculpture of Abraham Lincoln’s head on the site as well. Displays tell how the sculpture was made, how many tons of clay for the mold, how long it took, and so on. In fact, the displays have some pretty cool history of the building of the highway, pictures from early days, a memorial to the fellow who’s called “the father of the highway.”

Interesting how many observable, verifiable facts there are at this commemorative center. People were present to observe when this work was done. Statements can be verified, pictorial evidence confirms stages of the work, and so on. We can pretty much accept these statements as truth just because of the pile of evidence included in these displays.

Then there’s the stuff in the other pictures. Vedauwoo is a collection of rock formations in nearby Medicine Bow National Forest. The displays say they’re not sure where the name came from but they believe it’s a corruption of an Indian name. So they’re not sure about that, but they gave some evidence, and they’re probably right about where the name came from. But they’re not sure, and they admit it.
Now here’s the kicker: Amid all these verifiable facts and one maybe, there’s that line that says the rock formations are “1.4 billion-year-old Sherman granite.” It doesn’t say they might be. Doesn’t even give any evidence for why they are. Just like the Inland Ocean fossils we took pictures of in Montana, this presupposition, assumption, and religious dogma is stated as a fact. That’s why Abe looks so grim, I think.

This article originally appeared on our website,, at this url:



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Bringing Light, Casting Shadows: A Review of Lisa Grace’s Angel in the Shadows

Many friends and blog readers may be offended that I have read and am reviewing a book sometimes classified as “Christian Horror.” Calling it an oxymoron or worse, some people say horror has no place in Christianity.

What is appropriate to write and call Christian is a big area of disagreement. Workshops, seminars and conferences teach biblical standards. I have different beliefs and standards from Lisa Grace. Many people will reject this book without reading it because they don’t think they would agree with all it teaches. That would be a mistake.

Lisa Grace has said, “Nothing is more horrible than going to Hell and being without the love of your Creator. I find Christianity and horror extremely compatible for this reason. Why do people commit suicide? Because they lack hope and love.” Most of the modern definitions of horror don’t fit this book. There are no undead. There is no gruesome violence or dwelling on the occult. She deals with both good and bad spiritual power but in a pretty down-to-earth way, at the risk of resorting to a pun.

Seth, a character in the book, is a growing Christian, as any teenager might be. He joins the spiritual rollercoaster ride with his girlfriend Megan (the main character) and shows faith, patience and dependability not everyone would be able to manage. Seth learns that we can sometimes fight the good fight without wholly understanding it, and grow into better understanding of our spiritual battles along the way.

I found technical flaws in the book. The writing style is intended to be simple, to reach more readers, but I think a cleaner, more traditional attention to style and mechanics would not hurt its influence much. The handling of angels living among us and interacting with humans was also a bit clumsy at times. I am not sure their consistent physical presence, like Grace portrays, would really be compatible with an angel’s mission either to help man to good or to tempt man to evil.

People in the story say they don’t have enough knowledge of the Scriptures but little attention is given to more study. The book seems to portray some loose personal standards as compatible with Christianity. While we all come to the Cross with baggage, mental and physical, we need to learn what has to be left at the Cross or quickly discarded.

The book shows a sex and drug party. Little detail is given. The evil angel is active in temptations there. The lifestyle is shown as wrong, resulting in death and terrible consequences. Teenage sex is also there, without real detail, and it is shown to be wrong.

Adults, even Christian ones, are portrayed as weak and are disturbingly uninvolved in their children’s Christian lives. Megan’s mother automatically disbelieves her account of a lifesaving event. Parents and adults are purposefully excluded from the main spiritual warfare of the book. I did not care for this obliviousness, though I know it is sometimes true. We as writers are here to edify, not reinforce what may be true but we acknowledge is wrong. I object to running down parents and lifting up teenagers as superior beings.

This book has a FANTASTIC occurrence near the end drawn from real life experience. The book is worth reading just to see how God can work even in the most impossible circumstances and concerns an issue crucial to our times and our Christian and human natures. It is one of the best descriptions of characters and events I have ever read.



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Daddy grew watermelons in his garden—Black Diamond Watermelons— gorilla sized, not the striped tabby-kitty varieties we see in stores now.

A watermelon is a wondrous thing—a vegetable, experts say.

Daddy plopped seeds about the size of my pinky fingernail into the ground and then irrigated the rows.

Botanists tell me when you plant a watermelon,  a sprout comes to life and consumes nourishment from within the seed. (Wow. Isn’t God super?) The sprout grows and like a new chick escaping the shell, the seed shell bursts and a shoot forces its way out. Soon it emerges into the sun. Leaves unfold and photosynthesis provides food.

The seedling’s hairy roots push down into the soil to anchor the plant and absorb water and minerals.

The vine soon stretches itself over a large area. Yellow blossoms appear; then little green things about the size of a walnut. The roots suck nourishment and water from the earth through their hairy systems, pump it up through the stem and to the melons. The teensy watermelons grow from that small black seed, but now we have fresh dessert—green on the outside, white next to the peel, and an abundance of sweet red meat filled with more seeds that will make dozens more watermelons!

Watermelons are 92 percent water. Ancient travelers brought them along as a convenient source of water. But one large watermelon also can feed a big bunch.

Guinness lists the heaviest watermelon ever grown as the one planted by Lloyd Bright of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, that weighed 268.8 pounds.

Imagine. Almost 270 pounds from a tiny seed where life burst forth.

Can you grasp the wonder in a package of watermelon seeds? The energy comes from life—and life originates with God.

Jesus likened our faith to a seed, because it has the potential to grow and do great things.

We’re told resurrection is similar to seeds. “Someone will say, ‘How are the dead raised up? And with what body do they come?’ Foolish one, what you sow is not made alive unless it dies. And what you sow, you do not sow that body that shall be, but mere grain—perhaps wheat or some other grain. But God gives it a body as he pleases, and to each seed its own body….

“So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption.  It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body….

“Behold I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed—in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed….

“For this mortal shall put on immorality. Then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: Death is swallowed up in victory”

(Selected from 1 Corinthians 35-59NKJ).

Like a simple watermelon seed, that’s the way God’s power will work in us!

©Ada Brownell 2012

Swallowed by Life—KINDLE VERSION FREE ON AMAZON May 18-20

By Ada Brownell

Do you know you are more than a physical body? Evidence shows our body is constantly dying and being renewed cell by cell and about every seven years is totally rebuilt – even our bones. We start as an egg about the size of a dust mite, yet we were the same person in the womb we are today. We may lose limbs, gain and lose weight, have vital organs removed and mechanical or transplanted parts inserted and we’re still the same person. Inside us is life, and a soul and spirit which were designed by God to live forever.

Swallowed by LIFE is subtitled “Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal.” The book speaks about this mystery; how you know what to believe; the wonder of life with all its electrical systems; the awesome truth about cell death and regeneration; brain death, and other mysteries of the change from mortal to immortal; where we go when our body dies; resurrection; a glimpse at what we will do in heaven; God’s mercy  after man’s rebellion when He promised a Redeemer way back in Genesis to deliver us from death; and leaving a legacy here.

Questions and answers are included for study groups.

Ada’s Blog:


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