So What Do We Expect From A Presidential Candidate?

Certainly not perfection. A good Presidential Candidate must understand and have deep respect for the Constitution of the United States. Second, he must understand what that means and have the character to implement the principles it contains. Last, he must understand that the US Constitution is not a "suicide pact." On rare occasions a Commander-In-Chief... Continue Reading →

What Is “Seasonally Adjusted?” is the source of the image above. They have some fantastic things!)Most of us hear the phrase "seasonally adjusted" with a vague idea that we know what those words mean. Since they have different meanings in different contexts, it can be very confusing. While a complete definition of "seasonally adjusted" can be an entire... Continue Reading →

Principles of Teaching P.E.

Any form of organized sports will require outlays of time and money. Many communities have youth sports leagues but may require lots of time including fundraising obligations. Sports considered individualized (as opposed to group sports) are sometimes more flexible in scheduling, with lower outlays for time, money and equipment, and less chance of causing offense... Continue Reading →

Principles for Teaching Arithmetic and Mathematics

There are only three possible systems to teach Arithmetic and Mathematics. First is to teach without any system. This is poor teaching. It is often disguised as loving, motivating and capturing a student's interest. While these are admirable goals, much or even most of the subject material will be ignored while a very few things... Continue Reading →

Principles of Teaching Fine Arts and Foreign Languages

Historically, the Fine Arts included painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, plus drama and dancing. Lesser arts include book printing, jewelry and clothing design, quilting and home decorating. Computer design, both commercial and artistic, have revolutionized print (or electronic) media, audio and visual productions. Musical creations can be produced without a single "real" instrument or... Continue Reading →

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